2022 Jaguar F-Type Price, Features, Engine, Mileage, Top Speed & 0-60 mph


The 2022 Jaguar F-Type, a supercharged V8 monster with it’s demeanour and elegant looks and it’s front engine design can easily get on someone’s head if they’re looking for something different from a car. The new F-Type is quick, crazy fast, and steady and can be thrilling if you go beyond the fifth gear. And it’s for every kind of person, whether to have enthusiastic driving with the coupe, and the top down convertible which offers more fun. But comes at the sacrifice of a claustrophobic and not so roomy cabin and a much higher starting price.

What’s New For 2022 ?

For the 2022, the new Jaguar F-type will be only available with a V8 engine for this year and a new 444 hp variant with standard 20 inch wheels and rear wheel drive and an active along system along with the 575 hp R dynamic variant which comes with all wheel drive, black exterior trim and a new set of wheels.

Engine, Transmission, 0-60, Top Speed & Performance

2022 Jaguar F-Type
2022 Jaguar F-Type

The new Jaguar F-Type comes onboard with a 5.0 Litre supercharged V8 engine which makes it the only car to offer a V8 other than the Corvette. The base variant which makes a good 444 hp with rear or all wheel drive, even more than the top trim Boxster and Cayman.

And the even more powerful R-dynamic variant which makes a hefty 575 hp and 516 lb ft of torque paired with an eight speed automatic transmission and a standard all wheel drive and can blast off from 0-60 mph in just 3.5 seconds and can go at a top speed of 186 mph. And offers some insane level of thrill with a neat and stable handling and stability across any cornering or twisty roads with it’s rumbling V8 it can overtake any surface in its path with its power, especially the top spec R-dynamic variant. It’s just a great car overall with offering as many as it can in its segment.

Fuel Economy

Although with it’s powerful V8, the new Jaguar F-Type manages to deliver a combined 27 mpg with it’s 444 hp V8 and rear wheel drive, while the R-dynamic variant with all wheel drive delivers around 16 mpg in the city and 24 mpg on the highway.

Dimensions & Weight

  1. Length: 176.0 in
  2. Width: 75.7 in
  3. Height: 51.5 in
  4. Wheelbase: 103.2 in
  5. Cargo capacity: 14 cu ft
  6. Curb weight: 4105 lbs


With a price of $71,000 with standard six airbags, the new Jaguar F-Type delivers mostly everything you expect from it. Lushed and feature rich cabin, and an absolutely thrilling performance with it’s V8 and comes in both Coupe and Convertible body styles if you give you more choice.

Interior & Exterior


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