2022 Mini Cooper Price, Features, Engine, Mileage, Top Speed & 0-60 mph


The 2022 Mini Cooper, with it’s amazing small body styling with it’s notable precise handling and fun to drive experience catered by enormous customization options is the bread and butter of the company. Coming in convertible, three door, five door and rag top, the new Mini Cooper can swirl your surroundings in a matter of few seconds, coming with either a 134 hp three cylinder or 189 hp four cylinder engine in the S model, it manages to give as many options from the affordability to maintaining its reputation as an entry level hatchback to rival the competitors from Mercedes and BMWs of the world.

What’s New For 2022 ?

For the 2022, Mini adds a new facelift model with updated front and rear bumpers, reworked grille, new wheels, and addition to some new paint options for the exterior. Inside it’s got a new redesigned steering wheel and new checker patterned upholstery and updated air vents. And with the new updated interior trim options, which offers a new infotainment system, digital gauge display, lane departure warning and SiriusXM satellite radio as standard.

Engine, Transmission, 0-60 mph, Top Speed & Performance

2022 Mini Cooper
2022 Mini Cooper

The new Mini Cooper comes with two drivetrain options, the base variant which packs 1.5 Litre turbocharged three cylinder engine which makes 134 hp, is found to be plenty powerful compared to the size of the car and the S line variant which comes with a more powerful 2.0 Litre turbocharged four cylinder engine which makes 189 hp and 207 lb ft of torque. And comes with standard six speed manual transmission and front wheel drive which results in 0-60 mph in 6.2 seconds and a top speed of 143 mph. The comfortable driving with sharp handling makes this Mini Cooper exciting, but with the occasional bad ride on rough roads, it’s made for the daily city traffic which it certainly does really well.

Fuel Economy | Mileage

The Mini cooper isn’t known the best for its fuel economy but that doesn’t mean it’s bad either. The base variant which packs a turbo three delivers a mileage of around 30 mpg regardless of the model you get, and the S line variant with its turbo four delivers a mileage of between 28-30 mpg combined.

Dimensions & Weight

  1. Length: 151.9 in
  2. Width: 68.0 in
  3. Height: 55.7 in
  4. Wheelbase: 98.2 in
  5. Cargo space (Top up/down): 8/6 cu ft
  6. Curb weight: 2978 lbs


With a price tag of $20,500 with standard four airbags, the new Mini Cooper offers affordability with style and contains plenty of power.

Interior & Exterior


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