2023 BMW i7 All Price, Top Speed, 0-60 Mph & Specifications

BMW i7 All Features & Performance

2023 BMW i7 is the new Mercedes-Benz electric S-class, the EQS’ killer. And there is no surprise that BMW is launching an all-electric luxury sedan called the i7. The electric Beemer has been co-developed along with the next-gen 7-series, delivering the same luxury level as that ICE model. The i7 would be powered by two e-motors and feature a battery pack that is big enough to compete with the EQS and others. The others would be high-end electric sedans like Tesla Model S and Porsche Taycan. Styling is a bit bland as compared to the recently debuted XM SUV concept. But the 2023 BMW i7 had taken some risks, primarily with its front-end design, which includes a huge grille intake.

What’s New In BMW i7?

The 2023 i7 will serve the buyers as a flagship of BMW’s “i” sub-brand of EVs when it goes for sale in the fall. Since it is co-developed, the i7 gets the same spacious, luxurious, and cabin ambiance as the ICE-powered 7-series. Including these luxuries, the i7 offers a ton of high-tech features which makes it a solid competitor for rivals such as the Mercedes-Benz EQS and the Tesla Model S. There’s plenty of cabin room in both the front and the rear seats with fine and premium materials covered in every square inch of the interior. If opted for the Executive Lounge package, the rear seats get power-adjustable reclining seats and extra-plush headrests.

BMW i7 Battery, Motor, Performance & Range

The i7 will feature the same electric powertrain setup as the brand’s EV SUV, the iX. With two electric motors; one powering each axle pumping out a combined 536 hp. AWD is standard and acceleration is quite fast for such a huge vehicle. The brand claims, that the i7 xDrive60 will make it hit 60 mph in 4.5 seconds. And one wouldn’t be surprised if it was even quicker. The prototype model in Germany gave particularly a smooth ride and a silent cabin. The i7 isn’t for the buyers looking for a sports-sedan experience, but for those seeking a comfortable and luxurious experience. If you prefer the ICE-powered 7-series, which is still available; do read about that here.

The brand says that the i7 would offer a driving range of 300 miles/charge, but there is no EPA official estimate available yet. The large 101.7-kWh battery pack can be charged in DC fast charging stations and is said to get charged at 80 miles of driving range in just 10 minutes. Also, BMW is providing three years of free 30-minute charging sessions at Electrify America charging stations with every new i7.

BMW i7 Dimensions, Space & Airbags

2023 BMW i7 DimensionsSpecs
Length208.307 inches
Width76.771 inches
Height60.787 inches
Wheelbase126.574 inches
Boot Space540 Litres
Airbags8 Airbags
2023 BMW i7 Dimensions

Pricing of BMW i7

BMW i7 PricingPrice (USD)
2023 BMW i7 Price

Currently, BMW will offer the only variant of the i7 the all-wheel drive xDrive60, but eventually, expect a sporty M-sport model too. As the ICE-powered 7-series, the i7 is also a long limo-like luxury sedan that can be configured to welcome and pamper rear-seat occupants. With the optional Executive Lounge package. We would recommend getting that package, as it will add plenty of techs justifying its price tag.

BMW i7 Specifications & Top-Speed

2023 BMW i7 Specs
EngineMotors, Dual Electric
Horsepower536 hp
Torque549 Nm
0-60 mph4.5 Seconds
1/4 Mile12.8 Seconds
0-100 mph10 Seconds
0-120 mph14.3 Seconds
Top Speed149 Mph
2023 BMW i7 Specifications

Exterior & Interior

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  • 2023 BMW i7
  • 2023 BMW i7

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