2023 BMW M2 Prototype Engine, Price, 0-60 mph



A lot is yet to be unveiled but some sneak-peak is managed to be witnessed for the new 2023 BMW M2. As the Prototype’s been blazing through the tracks, the mad-heads are very eager to find out all about this new ride.

BMW M2 Prototype Front
BMW M2 Prototype Front

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What’s New

New’s Everything, Even the wheelbase Gets a Surplus from the 2022 M240i by 2 inches, the engine could be a 444-horsepower. Looks might get a new detail set. No one knows yet but expect what you aren’t.

Engine, Performance, 0-60mph

The analysts from-the-greatest say that this thing could bear a 444 horsepower but of what kind, times the teller. Expect 60-mph times in the mid-3-second range, a rushingly decent one.

BMW M2 Prototype Rear
BMW M2 Prototype Rear


Pricing will need to remain sufficiently distanced from the M4’s $72,995 starting point, likely just north of $60K. Beyond that, we’ll just have to wait.


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