2023 Buick GL8 Century: Ultra-Luxury Minivan



2023 Buick GL8 Century will demolish the SUV craze and make Chinese customers have an affinity for minivans. The Lexus LM, originally a fancy Toyota Alphard / Vellfire, is one of the luxury minivans and was launched to respond to the Buick GL8. The trim’s name will make you think of Toyota’s Japan-only full-size luxury sedan, used here on a minivan.

What’s New?

Buick GL8
Buick GL8

The GL8 sports a massive screen that doubles as a divider between the first and second rows of seats. It is a folding screen that is controlled by using the touch panel on the center console. The size has not been revealed, but it must be comparable to the 31.3-inch Theatre Screen of the new BMW 7 Series. The rear seats, have some of the widest headrests and boast Bose speakers. Since it is a large luxury minivan, the rear seats have long footrests and Maybach levels of legroom to stretch out. The ambient lighting is cozy, and sun blinds and plush leather add to the cabin’s sophistication offering a limo-like experience.

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  • Buick GL8

The 2023 Buick GL8 Century is large, being 206 inches long, 78 inches wide, and 73.5 inches tall. It gets a two-tone paint job in the same tenor as the most luxurious sedans out there. As it’s still a minivan at its core, it gets completed with sliding doors on a tall and wide body to maximize interior space.


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