2023 Lexus ES Price, Engine, Mileage, Top Speed, 0-60 Mph & Performance

2023 Lexus ES Specifications and Details

For the 2023 model year, Lexus introduces a 2023 Lexus ES 300h F Sport Handling package for ES350 and ES300h models along with a few new interior accouterments. The F Sport Handling package is similar to the Dynamic Handling package that was available last year–which was then exclusive to ES350 F Sport models. It includes an adaptive suspension with Sport+ and custom drive modes in addition to a heated, F Sport-branded steering wheel.

2023 Lexus ES Features


The Lexus ES mid-size luxury sedan offers a range of new features and enhancements. Buyers can now enjoy a panoramic roof with the F Sport Design package, while the interior sees updates such as new trim options and an improved center console design. The addition of the Lexus Interface infotainment system brings wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, along with other advanced features. The Ultra Luxury equipment package elevates the ES’s luxury appeal with special amenities. The cabin provides a plush and peaceful environment, and the trunk offers ample cargo space. Tech-wise, the ES comes with a touchscreen infotainment system and a comprehensive set of safety features, ensuring a secure and connected driving experience.

2023 Lexus ES Performance

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The Lexus ES offers a range of powertrain options to suit different preferences. The ES250 features a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine with all-wheel drive. The ES350 is equipped with a 3.5-liter V-6 engine and front-wheel drive. The ES350h utilizes a hybrid powertrain for improved fuel efficiency. Acceleration times vary across the different models, with the ES350 being the quickest. The ES exhibits composed handling and a comfortable ride, although it falls short of sportier competitors. Fuel economy ratings are impressive, with the hybrid ES300h achieving the highest mileage. The ES250 and ES350 also offer respectable fuel efficiency. Overall, the Lexus ES delivers a balanced performance and efficient fuel consumption.

Engine2.5L inline 4-cylinder
Power215 hp
Top speed117 mph
0-60 mph7.9
Combined/City/Highway mileage44/43/44 mpg
2023 Lexus ES300h F Sport Handling stats


As per the EPA, the Lexus ES350 achieves a maximum fuel efficiency of 22 mpg in the city and 32 mpg on the highway. The ES300h hybrid surpasses that with impressive mileage of 43 mpg in the city and 44 mpg on the highway. The ES250, on the other hand, is estimated to deliver 25 mpg in the city and 34 mpg on the highway. In our own tests, we observed a highway mileage of 39 mpg for the ES350, while the ES300h achieved a remarkable fuel economy of 45 mpg on the same route. The ES250 displayed a respectable efficiency of 33 mpg. These figures demonstrate the ES lineup’s commitment to providing excellent fuel economy options for drivers.


The Lexus ES lineup offers a range of pricing options to suit various budgets and preferences. The ES350 starts at $43,090, while the ES250 is also priced at $43,090. The hybrid ES300h comes with a slightly higher price tag of $44,490. For those seeking a more sporty experience, the ES350 F Sport and ES250 F Sport are available at $47,675. Moving up to the luxury trims, the ES350 Luxury and ES250 Luxury are priced at $48,260. The ES300h F Sport comes in at $48,875, followed by the ES300h Luxury at $49,660. For the ultimate luxury experience, the ES350 Ultra Luxury, ES250 Ultra Luxury, and ES300h Ultra Luxury models offer premium features at $51,880, while the top-of-the-line ES300h Ultra Luxury is priced at $53,280.


The Lexus ES delivers a compelling package of luxury, comfort, and performance. With its stylish design, refined interior, and competitive pricing, it offers a strong value proposition. The range of powertrain options, including the efficient hybrid model, caters to diverse preferences. The ES’s smooth and composed ride, along with its advanced safety features, ensures a secure and enjoyable driving experience. Whether you opt for the sporty F Sport trim or the luxurious Ultra Luxury edition, the Lexus ES provides a range of choices to suit individual tastes. With its reputation for reliability and customer satisfaction, the ES stands as a strong contender in the mid-size luxury sedan segment.

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