2023 Lexus LC500h Limited Edition launched at Rs 2.5 crore

2023 Lexus LC500h Limited Edition Specifications and Details

Lexus India has introduced the 2023 Lexus LC500h Limited Edition, a special variant of its sports coupe, priced at Rs 2.50 crore. This edition features unique exterior and interior color schemes, along with enhanced aerodynamic elements. It comes with striking 21-inch alloy wheels with a matte finish and a special exterior paint coat. While mechanically identical to the standard LC500h, this limited edition offers exclusive cosmetic enhancements. Lexus has not disclosed the exact number of units for this edition, making it a distinct addition to the LC500h lineup.

2023 Lexus LC500h Limited Edition Design

2023 Lexus LC500h Limited Edition Design
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The 2023 Lexus LC500h Limited Edition stands out with its sportier exterior design. Notable enhancements include a front bumper adorned with canards, a rear carbon fiber wing, and distinctive 5-spoke black-finished alloy wheels. The vehicle’s grille receives a more understated finish compared to the standard model. Its exterior is complemented by the exclusive ‘Hakugin’ paint, inspired by traditional porcelain craftsmanship. It had a matte white base with a texture resembling unglazed porcelain, adorned with layers of satin lacquer. This unique color scheme accentuates the LC500h Limited Edition’s sleek and striking appearance.

Interior and Features

2023 Lexus LC500h Limited Edition Interior
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Inside the 2023 Lexus LC500h Limited Edition, a calming ambiance prevails with its unique Kachi-Blue leather and Alcantara upholstery. This choice of interior color aims to create a relaxed driving atmosphere. Alcantara, renowned for its anti-slip properties and light-reflecting characteristics, adorns the cabin extensively. Alongside these design touches, the Limited Edition retains a high level of standard features. This includes a 12-speaker sound system, wireless Apple CarPlay, ventilated front seats, ambient lighting, head-up display, cruise control, and dual-zone climate control, ensuring a luxurious and connected driving experience.

Engine and Performance

The LC500h Limited Edition retains its formidable 3.5-liter naturally aspirated V6 engine. It is complemented by an electric motor and a self-charging lithium-ion battery. The V6 engine delivers a robust 300hp and 348Nm of torque, while the electric motor contributes an additional 180hp and 330Nm. Together, they provide a combined power output of 359hp, ensuring potent performance. This powertrain utilizes a hybrid system that includes a 4-speed automatic with a CVT, enabling the driver to access a total of 10 gear ratios in manual mode for a dynamic and engaging driving experience.


Lexus has introduced a special Limited Edition of its LC500h sports coupe, priced at Rs 2.50 crore (ex-showroom). This exclusive model showcases cosmetic upgrades, both in terms of its exterior and interior color palette. The unique design elements set it apart from the standard LC500h, and although it commands a premium of approximately Rs 11 lakh over the base model, it offers a distinct and luxurious experience for discerning buyers.

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