2023 Mini Cooper Countryman Price, Features, Engine, Mileage, Top Speed & 0-60 mph


The 2022 Mini Cooper Countryman, the bogus and gigantic Mini is one of the better crossovers you could buy. It offers great specs, great handling with decent power figures and provides plenty of options for the added customization. It packs a 134 hp turbocharged three cylinder engine and goes up till a plug-in hybrid model and paired with an automatic transmission, it gives a good comfortable driving experience though matched with a somewhat stiff ride but is okayish if you want a Mini. But the regular Mini is still a good option if you’re considering buying one.

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What’s New For 2022 ?

For the 2022, the Countryman comes with new standard LED headlights, lane departure warning and other high tech features with this year’s lineup. Along with a new broadwalk version, a limited edition model with new exterior paint and new 18 inch wheels with new exclusive black leather upholstery.

Engine, Transmission, 0-60 mph, Top Speed & Performance

2023 Mini Cooper Countryman
2023 Mini Cooper Countryman

The new Mini Cooper Countryman comes with two powertrain options, the base variant which comes a 1.5 Litre turbocharged three cylinder engine which makes 134 hp and the S variant which comes with a 2.0 Litre turbocharged four cylinder which makes 189 hp and 207 lb ft of torque, along with a plug-in hybrid model. paired with an seven speed dual clutch or an eight speed automatic transmission with front or all wheel drive. And can go from 0-60 mph in 6.8 seconds and can achieve a top speed of 135 mph. It’s decent-ish fast, it’s grippy and has a good pair of suspension for a comfortable ride and is nicely packed to play with. Although the new Countryman is decently powerful it doesn’t quite match the expectations that you have with it.

Fuel Economy | Mileage

The new Mini Cooper Countryman where on the other hand have a good fuel economy figure, where it’s base variant delivers a mileage of 26 mpg in the city and 33 mpg on the highway with the front wheel drive where a drop of 3 mpg with the all wheel drive variants. But on the good side, the plug-in hybrid model is the best performing of all with an EPA rating of a great 71 MPG combined with gas and electric power.

Dimensions & Weight

  1. Length: 169.8 in
  2. Width: 71.7 in
  3. Height: 61.3 in
  4. Wheelbase: 105.1 in
  5. Cargo Space: 17.cu ft
  6. Curb weight: 3514 lbs


The 2022 Mini Cooper Countryman comes at a starting price of roughly $30,000 with standard four airbags. Which is a decent deal if you’re looking for a good Mini Cooper experience but with the added room and convenience. But we’d suggest you to go for the much potent plugin hybrid variant which is even more powerful And delivers the best power output of all.

Interior & Exterior


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