2023 Subaru Rex: Engine, Top Speed, 0-60 mph & Price

Rebadged Daihatsu Rocky And Revives Name Rex After 30 Years

The Subaru Rex was firstly debuted back in 1972 as a rear engine and rear wheel drive kei car which get its second generation in 1981 with front wheel drive and front engine. Subaru transitioned the pint-sized vehicle to the Mk3 model in 85 with supercharge engines before pulling the plug in 1992. Now after decades its time to launch in 2023, you can call it the rebadged Daihatsu Rocky and also sold as Toyota Raize and Perodua Ativa.

Subaru Rex  Rear View
Subaru Rex

The third generation Rex is 3995 millimeter long, 1695 millimeter wide and 1620 mm tall. With a wheelbase of 2525 mm. The Subaru Rex will be only front-wheel-drive as the previous gen where Daihatsu Rocky gets the optional All-Wheel-Drive drivetrain. This beautiful Rex gets a average power 1.2-liters Petrol engine which generates 87 horsepower (64 kW) and 113 NM of Torque (83 pound feet). The three-cylinder motor sends its muscle to the front wheels via a CVT Transmission (Continuously Variable Transmission). Where the Daihatsu sells with little more powerful powertrain, which is 1.0-liters Turbocharge engine which pull over 98 horsepower (72kW) and 140 NM of Torque (100 pound feet) but this powertrain is not available for the Subaru.

Subaru Rex Interior
Subaru Rex

Rex is a light weight car with less then 1000 kg (2200 pounds), which helps it to give high fuel efficiency. Subaru claim that this Rex can go from 0-60 mph in approximately 8.9 seconds & have a top speed of 110 mph roughly. The exact figures will be with us very soon. Rex is capable for good acceleration and top speed along with nice fuel economy which is equally important.

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Available in G and Z variants, The new Rex will get that starting price tag of 1,820,000 yen ($13,000 as current rates) and go up to 2,171,000 yen ($15,600), for the top fully loaded variant. Subaru is targeting to sell 150 units of Rex per month which is a good number for a affordable vehicle.

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