2024 Ferrari SP-8 Price, Engine, 0-60 Mph, Top-speed & Performance

Ferrari SP-8 Specifications & Features

Ferrari’s Special Projects team is at it again, crafting a unique masterpiece for a well-heeled patron in Taiwan. Meet the 2024 Ferrari SP-8, a customized F8 Spider where they’ve ditched the electric retractable hardtop, transforming it into an open-roof roadster. The striking exterior showcases a blend of matte Argento Micalizzato and glossy iridescent Blue Sandstone on carbon fiber accents. This bespoke creation takes the F8 Spider’s allure to a new level, offering a roofless driving experience. It’s a testament to Ferrari’s dedication to tailor-made luxury, turning a sports car into a personalized work of art. If you’re into exclusive rides and unique designs, the SP-8 is a head-turner worth checking out.

What’s New?

The SP-8 goes beyond being a roofless F8 Spider with a stylish two-tone paint job. This beauty ditches many parts of its donor car, showcasing entirely new headlights with distinct masks and lenses, while the taillights draw inspiration from the Roma but sport unique lenses. Ferrari proudly notes that the windscreen and exhaust tips borrow from the 296 GTB. And those retro-vibed wheels? They’re a modern twist on the F40’s classic five-spoke alloy, featuring a sleek matte gray finish. It’s not just a car; it’s a symphony of carefully crafted details.

Ferrari SP-8 Engine, Power & Performance

In the realm of unique creations, ‘SP,’ short for ‘Special Projects,’ takes the lead, drawing inspiration from the now-retired F8 Spider—marking the final evolution of the car’s lineage that commenced with the 458. The SP-8 maintains mechanical consistency with the F8, housing a robust twin-turbo 3.9-liter V8 generating 710 hp and 568 lb-ft of torque. However, where it truly diverges is in its exterior. The SP team refrains from meddling beneath the surface, preserving the F8’s mechanical prowess. Transitioning to the aesthetic, the SP-8 boasts a distinct identity, a departure from its predecessors.

Ferrari SP-8 More Details

Now, let’s talk about the bold front grille of this car. Crafted from a single, 3D-printed mold, it’s impressively wide and features retro-style vertical strakes. This same design extends to the engine cover, paying homage to classics like the Testarossa with its longitudinal strakes. Ferrari dedicated considerable time to refine the car’s body using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations. The goal? Ensuring comfort and quietness even with the top down. Surprisingly, the SP-8, a Ferrari, incorporates cloth alongside laser-etched Navy Blue Alcantara. The carpets? They’re made from twill fabric, offering a captivating iridescent effect. It’s a meticulous blend of innovation and nostalgia, making this Ferrari stand out in more ways than one.

  • 2024 Ferrari SP-8
  • 2024 Ferrari SP-8

The sleek Ferrari SP-8 is currently turning heads at the Mugello track in Italy, gracing the scene until the Finali Mondiali Ferrari 2023 concludes on October 30. Following this, it will make a stylish move to the Ferrari Museum in Maranello, captivating visitors from November 16 to March 2024. If you’re a car enthusiast, this is your chance to witness the epitome of automotive craftsmanship, first at the track’s vibrant atmosphere and later in the iconic setting of the Ferrari Museum. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the allure of the Ferrari SP-8 in these two exclusive locations.

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