2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse S & Dark Horse R Announced

Ford unveiled the 7th-generation Ford Mustang family with a set of cars adding to the pony’s lineup. Starting from the EcoBoost, and GT the company uncovered the Dark Horse, the newest addition to the Mustang family. The new Mustang Dark Horse produces over 500 hp with its naturally aspirated V8 engine and brings new performance upgrades. Improved cooling, more brake bit with its new braking system, and more aerodynamic and sporty design are just to name a few. Ford’s newest addition to the family is a beefier, track-focused, and a heck of thrilling machine. Ford announced the Mustang Dark Horse S and Dark Horse R as the race-focused version of the road-legal Dark Horse.


The new Mustang Dark Horse is a toned-down street version of the racier track-only models. The new Dark Horse S is for the gearheads who need their thrill but are busy with their routine life. Ford has removed all the unuseful and unnecessary parts to decrease the weight of the car. It features an FIA-certified safety roll cage, race seats and steering wheel and safety nets, and a fire prevention system.


The Mustang Dark Horse S offers more upgrades with its center panel that includes all the controls required. From wipers, turn signals, rain lights, mirror adjustment, and headlights, the center panel has all the controls. Ford has also included an optional front passenger seat and a pit speed limiter. The package also brings adjustable rear-wing, hood pins, front and rear two hooks, and a grumpier exhaust.




The Mustang Dark Horse S will also offer carbon-fiber lightweight wheels like the road version but with beefier brakes. With additional stopping power, the Dark Horse S comes with Multimatic dampers and adjustable vehicle height and camber tuning. The Mustang Dark Horse $ similar to the S will offer similar features and Ford’s Performance wheels. The Dark Horse is a proper race-oriented machine, unlike the track-day S variant.


Ford has planned over six S650 Mustang track models including the GT3, and GT4 for NASCAR and NHRA Factory X. Ford’s new 2024 Mustang will also be available for the Le Mans racing on the Circuit De La Sarthe with its specially tuned GT3 model.

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