2024 RAM 1500 Electric Pickup Teased

A new teaser reveals the upcoming 2024 Ram 1500 electric pickup truck. The concept version will come. first, before the mass-production one.


A new teaser from Ram reveals a fresh look at its upcoming electric pickup truck. The new videos out today show the debut day will be a day before Ford produces the F-150 lightning. The teaser posted across the brand’s social platform shows off the truck’s contour front and its unique lighting signature. The pickup will feature dual daytime running lights with illuminated Ram badging in the center. It shows the truck with a high and carved front hood, elongated fenders over the wheels, and a double roof. 

  • 2024-ram-1500-concept
  • 2024-ram-1500-concept

The company announced in early 2022 that it was working on an electric pickup. The production is expected to start in 2024. This year we will see a concept, pre-production version of the upcoming 2024 Ram 1500 EV. The teaser, however, focuses on the truck’s looks and styling, similar to the GMC Hummer EV. Not like the Ford F-150 Lighting which carries a much more sophisticated and traditional look. We think that the team at Ram has gone more creative with it. 

The details about the powertrain options and other things are still unknown as the production kicks in 2024. We expect the upcoming truck to be made on the STLA Frame platform that’s in development for the Stellantis pickup truck. The platform would enable the trucks to offer a driving range of over 500 miles. The platform is capable of scaling battery sizes from 159-kilowatt-hours to more than 200-kilowatt-hours. We’ll see much information regarding the upcoming pickup when it will be revealed.


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