2024 Toyota Compact Cruiser EV: The Upcoming EV Off-roader

Toyota is primarily known for making the planet’s toughest off-roaders brings the Compact Cruiser to the market. Toyota stays intended on the launch of EV off-roaders. Seeing the transition in the market from gas-powered cars to electric vehicles the company came forward with the Toyota Compact Cruiser. This off-roader has been given a body design just like the Land Rover Defender. The car comes attached with all protection kits for off-roading. The quality of the body has been improved. The bumpers and the body cladding are completely new to Toyota. The company has not made any announcement on its powertrain.


What’s New?

via: Car and Driver

The Compact Cruise will an all-new model for Toyota. The car is expected to launch in 2024 as it is still under development. The suspension and other parts will likely be shared by other upcoming models from Toyota.

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The Compact Cruiser in three variants namely LE, XLE and Limited Model. The car is expected to be priced between $40,000 to $50,0000.

More information on the Toyota Compact Cruiser as soon as the company releases a detailed report.

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