2025 Kia EV5 Price, Motor, Battery, Range, Top Speed, 0-60 Mph, Performance & Features

2025 Kia EV5 Specifications and Details

Offering a glimpse into Kia’s electrified future, the 2025 Kia EV5 concept showcases a compact SUV design inspired by the larger EV9. Although initially confirmed for China, the U.S. market awaits this forthcoming model. Sharing its platform with other Kia EVs, including the advanced 800-volt charging system, the production version will likely offer various motor and battery pack options. With its arrival, the EV5 will expand Kia’s lineup, joining the Seltos in captivating American drivers.

2025 Kia EV5 Features

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Within the cabin of the Concept EV5, a clutter-free environment beckons, offering versatile seating configurations. The individual seats can pivot outward, granting occupants an unparalleled view without obstruction. While the production model may not mirror the concept’s extensive adaptability, the dedicated EV platform promises abundant space throughout. Plant-based materials, such as seaweed extract and upcycled PET bottles, adorn the interior, showcasing Kia’s commitment to sustainability.

Technological details remain scarce, yet a wide screen dominates the driver’s view, while the unique rectangular steering wheel adds a touch of unconventional style. The EV5’s profile flaunts a playful yet sturdy aesthetic, with distinctive features like the Digital Tiger Face and Star Map lighting technology. While some concept-specific elements may not make it to the production model, the clean lines and striking design remain intact. The rear-hinged suicide doors and signature lighting wrap around the logo, exuding elegance. Adorned in an eye-catching Iceberg Matte Green finish, the EV5’s allure is undeniable.

2025 Kia EV5 Performance and Range

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Specific details regarding the powertrain of the EV5 remain undisclosed by Kia. However, it is highly likely that the EV5 will adopt the E-GMP platform shared with other Hyundai and Kia EVs. This allows for rear- and all-wheel-drive setups and accommodating single or dual electric motors. The base EV5 may mirror the specs of the RWD Kia EV6, delivering 225 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque. The AWD dual-motor variant potentially reaching up to 320 hp and 446 lb-ft of torque.

It is conceivable that the EV5 could offer a lower-power version akin to the 167-hp EV6, creating a distinction in performance between the two models. If a 320-hp iteration is available, the EV5’s acceleration could approach the five-second mark for the 0-60 mph sprint. Mirroring the EV6’s capabilities, the EV5 is expected to feature an 800-volt architecture and fast charging capability of up to 350 kW, allowing for rapid charging times and a potential range of up to 310 miles.

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