4 Upcoming Affordable EVs In India: Checkout Best Options

Since most of the car manufacturers are switching to EV’s; Here are the 4 New Entry Level EV’s which will soon be hitting the Indian car market, The kist goes from Tata’s Tiago EV TO Hyundai EV. Here’s everything you need to know.


1. Tata Tiago EV


After the success of the Tigor EV, TATA plans to launch its Tiago EV which will be making debut on 28th September. Based on the Tigor the Tiago EV will be having a driving range of more than 300km on a single charge and will be priced around Rs. 10 Lakh Onwards. It will be very loaded with Features such as cruise control, Sports Mode, Regen Mode. It will have a 26 kWh battery which would take roughly 8 hours to charge fully.

2. Citroen EV


Citroen has launched two cars in the country yet, the C3 and the C5 AirCross. The car manufacturer has promised its first EV in our country by next year. And it is most likely to be named eCC21, which will be based on the Citroen C3, and the eCC21 is expected to be priced around Rs. 10 Lakhs and a range of more than 300km on a single charge.

3. MG EV


The MG launched its first electric car in India the ZS-EV. The prices for which start from Rs.22Lakh and has a driving range of more than 460Km on a single charge. But the company is keen to bring a EV in India, which will be more affordable priced around Rs. 10 Lakh and shall be based on the MG Wuling-Air and for the batteries it will tie up with Tata AutoComp. This Electric Vehicle is expected to make Debut at 2023 AutoExpo.

4. Hyundai EV

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Reportedly even Hyundai is planning to launch a Electric Vehicle in the Earlier 2024, Which shall compete with the Tata Nexon and the related segment. It is likely to draw its inspiration from the Hyundai Venue. At the moment Hyundai sell its Kona electric in India which is priced at Rs.24Lakhs and having a driving range of 450Km, powered by a 39.2kWh battery.

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