4 Upcoming Brand New Tata Cars Launching In 2024

Here are the 4 upcoming brand new Tata cars launching in 2024 in India

Tata Motors is riding high on the popularity of their Nexon, Harrier, and Safari SUVs. The Indian automaker is gearing up for a strong second half of 2024. The carmaker has a diverse range of new SUV launches planned to cater to various customer preferences and budgets. From the eco-conscious Curvv EV to the sporty Nexon Dark Edition and the powerful Harrier EV. This upcoming lineup promises something exciting for every driver. Here are the 4 upcoming brand new Tata cars launching in 2024 in India.

1. Tata Nexon CNG:

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Following the unveiling of the Nexon iCNG concept at the Bharat Mobility Expo, Tata Motors will capitalize on the growing demand for CNG-powered vehicles. This strategic move aims to build upon the momentum generated by the Nexon facelift and cater to a broader range of customer needs and preferences.

The integration of the innovative twin-cylinder CNG technology allows for efficient space utilization within the Nexon, resulting in a minimal reduction in usable boot volume. Notably, the Nexon iCNG concept held the distinction of being the first Indian car to run CNG on a turbo petrol engine, sparking industry interest and setting the bar for future CNG-powered models.

While performance and fuel efficiency figures remain elusive until the official launch, Tata has confirmed a respectable boot space of 230 litres in the Nexon iCNG, addressing potential concerns about practicality. This combination of efficient CNG technology, spacious interior, and potentially impressive fuel economy positions the Nexon iCNG as a strong contender in the burgeoning CNG segment.

2. Tata Nexon Dark Edition:

4 Upcoming Brand New Tata Cars Launching In 2024
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Building upon the immense popularity of the recently updated Nexon facelift, Tata is gearing up to introduce the captivating Dark Edition. This variant promises to turn heads with a mesmerizing glossy Midnight Black paint scheme, complemented by blacked-out elements like the bumper, grille, roof rails, and alloy wheels.

The Dark Edition’s captivating exterior extends to the cabin, featuring black upholstery, a black dashboard, and subtle “Dark” badging throughout. All the features and functionalities that came in the regular Nexon facelift, will be carried over to the Dark Edition. It will ensure a feature-rich and comfortable driving experience. While the official launch date remains under wraps, industry experts anticipate a price premium of approximately Rs. 30,000 compared to the regular variants.

3. Tata Harrier EV:

4 Upcoming Brand New Tata Cars Launching In 2024
Source: Tata.ev

Adding another chapter to their electric vehicle portfolio, Tata plans to launch the Harrier EV by the end of 2024. This electrifying iteration of the popular Harrier will carry a price tag of around Rs. 25 lakh, making it an attractive option within the growing electric SUV segment.

Borrowing heavily from the recently updated Harrier facelift, the Harrier EV is likely to boast a comprehensive feature list, catering to the demands of modern drivers. The interior is also will reflect a premium design language, aiming to compete with vehicles positioned in a higher segment.

While specific battery pack details are soon to come, reports suggest the Harrier EV will be capable of delivering a driving range of around 500 km. Underpinned by Tata’s Gen 2 architecture, the Harrier EV will offer an optional AWD variant. It will feature a motor on each axle for enhanced traction and off-road capabilities. This potent combination of features positions the Harrier EV as a compelling option for drivers seeking a powerful and luxurious electric SUV with the added benefit of AWD capability.

4. Tata Curvv EV:

4 Upcoming Brand New Tata Cars Launching In 2024
Source: Tata.ev

Tata is spearheading a new chapter in electric mobility with the much-awaited Curvv EV, slated for launch between July and September 2024. Following the design cues showcased at the recent Bharat Mobility Expo, the Curvv EV promises a captivating exterior. The interior will elevate the recently updated Nexon’s level of premiumness.

While specific battery details remain under wraps, speculations suggest it will be larger than the Nexon EV’s pack, potentially translating to a driving range exceeding 500 km. Additionally, the Curvv EV will boast fast charging capabilities, ensuring convenient and efficient charging experiences. This combination of impressive range and rapid charging capabilities positions the Curvv EV as a compelling option for eco-conscious drivers seeking a practical and powerful electric SUV.


Tata Motors’ upcoming lineup for the remainder of 2024 presents a diverse array of exciting SUV options. From the eco-conscious Curvv EV and Nexon CNG to the sporty Nexon Dark Edition and powerful Harrier EV, there is something to cater to every driver’s needs and preferences. As these much-anticipated

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