5 Ways to Better Look After Your Car

A car is a substantial investment and one that should be protected through regular care and maintenance. This is a complex machine that will often be exposed to harsh outdoor conditions. Moreover, some of the components are designed to degrade and be regularly replaced. Taking the job of looking after your car seriously, then, is essential.

But exactly what steps should we be taking to stay on top of this problem?


Check your tyres

Whenever you drive your car, you’re leaving microscopically small pieces of your tyres all over the road. If you’re braking or accelerating hard, or performing sharp turns at speed, then this degradation will be especially pronounced.

Your tyres should be periodically rotated and replaced. Check that the tread depth sits above the legal minimum – this will ensure that standing water can be driven away from the vehicle. By regularly inflating your tyres, you’ll not only keep the vehicle efficient – you’ll also help yourself to identify punctures that little bit more quickly.

Regular servicing

Your car should be serviced regularly, depending on how much you’re driving. Bear in mind that services come in many different types, some of which are more exhaustive than others.

A service will ensure that your car is in good shape for the road and that any problems are identified and addressed before they have a chance to worsen. If you’re driving in a car that’s slightly defective, then it’s better to know about it. That way, you can avoid the defect from becoming so disastrous that it renders the vehicle undrivable.

Keep it clean

A dirty car isn’t pleasant to inhabit. What’s more, if mould and other problems are allowed to linger, you might find that the vehicle’s resale value is harmed in the long term. Regularly cleaning the exterior will help you to spot problems, like dents and rust, sooner rather than later. Get into the habit of regularly cleaning the vehicle, or paying someone else to do it for you.

The right insurance

To drive on roads in the UK, you’ll need car insurance. But not all car insurance is created equal. You’ll want insurance that’s particular to your needs and vehicle. Ideally, it should protect you against particular risks, like depreciation and negative equity. Being covered by car insurance will provide you with peace of mind, and make the motoring experience that much more enjoyable.

Top fluids up

Your vehicle relies on a number of fluids, all of which need to be regularly checked and replenished. Learn how to check your screenwash, oil and coolant reserves. Other fluids, like the aircon coolant and the transmission fluids, might be better left to professionals.

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