A Million dollar Jeep Collection of Dennis Collins



Who doesn’t love Jeeps? Jeeps are great. You would like to own one or two? But have you heard of a Jeep collector who has more than 25 jeeps in his garage? Yes, you heard it right. A YouTuber named Dennis Collins has Jeep collections valued at over a million dollars. Dennis Collins is a very successful Personality in America, who is known to be one of the most successful entrepreneurs and automobile experts. In conclusion his net worth is estimated at around a whopping $40 million.

CJ-5 Jeep​​​​​

He owns multiple CJ-5 jeeps. A perfectly restored Jaguar jeep can cost up to $50,000. The CJ-5 comes with a number of engine options. Whereas he can make his jeep more powerful with the V8. This 1981 CJ-5 Laredo with only 49,000 miles in Collins garage condition is impressive, with a surprise under the hood. The original owner never favored the vehicle’s original four-cylinder engine and came to Collins wanting a power plant upgrade. He set up a personalized V8 into the hood of the CJ-5.

CJ-5 jeep in Collins garage

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Dennis loved CJ-7

This 1981 Jeep Cj-7 in Collins garage has undergone work of 600 hours. As as result the whole car was restored including every wire. However this jeep of Dennis has a four-wheel-drive mode. Similarly the exterior paint of his CJ-7 Jeep came out to be simply stunning with the hours of work devoted to it.

CJ-7 jeep in Collins garage


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