Adam Sandler Car Collection 2023 And Net Worth

Car Collection Of American Comedian Adam Sandler

Just like Brad Pitt and RDJ, Adam Sandler is one of the biggest names in the Hollywood industry. Full name Adam Richard Sandler, he is one of the finest and most prominent names in the American movie industry. No matter which 90s or 2000s movie you like watching for your movie nights or movie weekends, there is a very high chance that it will be a Sandler-starred movie. 

From Grown-Ups and 50 First Dates to new movies such as Murder Mystery and Hustle, Sandler has been in the industry for quite a while and still killing the scene. With an estimated net worth of a whopping $480 million, he is the second actor after Sylvester Stallone who has received over 37 nominations for a single film. Adam’s garage is just unique and delightful as his car garage. Let’s look at what cars he has in his collection. 

Adam Sandler Car CollectionPrice (USD)
Ferrari 488 Pista$350,000
Dodge Challenger SRT Demon$87,000
Cadillac Escalade$90,000
Lexus LS$73,000
Lincoln Navigator$107,000
Cadillac DTS$65,000
Cars of Adam Sandler

1. Ferrari 488 Pista

Ferrari 488 Pista
Ferrari 488 Pista

Who doesn’t wants a cool supercar to roam around in style? driving one of the cheapest wheels for many years, Adam bought this Ferrari 488 Pista. The Italian exotica comes with a 3.9-liter twin-turbocharged V8 that makes a good 711 horsepower and 567 pound-feet of torque. What will be a good Ferrari if it’s not fast? The 488 Pista can achieve a top speed of a crazy 211 mph with acceleration from 0-60 mph in 2.7 seconds. The Ferrari doesn’t come cheap! Adam spent over $350,000 to have this exotic added to his collection. 

2. Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

Dodge Challenger SRT Demon
Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

From the prestigious Ferrari, he also owns a Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. The Dodge Challengers has always been one of the iconic American muscle cars. The bulky-looking design holds the massive 6.2-liter supercharged V8 engine that is tuned to produce 840 horsepower. The SRT Demon can tear the quarter-mile drag strip in just 9.65 seconds. Such a monster is just real work of Marvel to have in any collection. 

3. Cadillac Escalade 

Sandler has a thing for the Escalades. For over years he has changed many cars but bought the Cadillac Escalades. That speaks of his love for the SUV, and why not? The Cadillac Escalade is among the best cars many celebrities use for their go-to ride around any town. Due to their good camouflage in public, they are easier to travel without gaining attention. The Escalade comes with a 6.2-liter twin-turbocharged V8 that produces 420 horsepower with all-wheel drive. The Escalade can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 6.7 seconds.

4. Lexus LS 4th Gen

Lexus LS 4th Gen
Lexus LS 4th Gen

He also owns a luxury Lexus LS in his collection. He bought this one in order to drive around the streets without being recognized by people and could easily avoid the paparazzi. The 4th-gen Lexus LS sports a luxury design on the exterior as well as on the interior. It comes with a 380 hp 4.6-liter V6 which is capable of accelerating from 0-60 mph in 5.4 seconds. 

5. Lincoln Navigator

Lincoln Navigator
Lincoln Navigator

The Lincoln Navigator fulfills every wish of an American. This three-row full-size SUV can easily hold up to eight people on board and goes far beyond its competition. It has a 3.5-liter V6 engine that produces 440 horsepower the Navigator is a full-size butter on roads. It is not just the most advanced Navigator but a really fun car to drive with luxury and thrilling performance.

6. Cadillac DTS

Cadillac DTS
Cadillac DTS

The Cadillac DTS is one of his favorite and oldest cars he owns even today. It comes with a powerful 4.6-liter V8 which makes 282 hp and 288 lb-ft of torque paired with a four-speed auto gearbox. The DTS was not powerful because of its fuel economy but was used because of its robust engine and excellent build quality. 

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