Amyra Dastur Car Collection

This is the luxury car collection of popular Indian actress Amyra Dastur

Amyra Dastur is a popular Indian actress and model, she has graced the entertainment industry with her captivating presence and versatile talent. Amyra began her career in Bollywood with films such as Issaq and Kung Fu Yoga and she quickly garnered attention for her captivating roles. Amyra’s beauty and charisma extend beyond the screen, making her a sought-after figure in the world of fashion. Dastur is among the most notable names in the industry, she has a net worth of over Rs. 25 Crore. Let’s take a look at what cool car actress Amyra Dastur has got in her luxury car collection.

Range Rover VelarRs. 94.30 Lakh
Mercedes-Benz GLC-ClassRs. 73.5 Lakh
Mercedes-Benz C-ClassRs. 60 Lakh

1. Range Rover Velar – Rs. 94.30 Lakh

Amyra Dastur Car Collection
Source: JLR

Starting with Land Rover’s Range Rover Velar in the actress Amyra Dastur’s car collection. The Range Rover Velar is known for its avant-garde design, cutting-edge technology, and off-road capability while still maintaining the luxury SUV stance. It packs a sleek and minimalist exterior, featuring flush door handles and a floating roof, which sets it apart as a design marvel. Inside, the cabin is a sanctuary of elegance and innovation, boasting premium materials and an intuitive Touch Pro Duo infotainment system. The Velar delivers a refined driving experience with a range of powerful engines and advanced driving dynamics.

2. Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class – Rs. 73.5 Lakh

Amyra Dastur Car Collection
Source: Drive

The Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class offers luxury and versatility in the segment of midsize SUVs. With a sleek exterior that marries elegance and athleticism, the GLC-Class makes a striking impression on the road. Inside, it offers a meticulously crafted cabin that presents sophistication and comes adorned with premium materials and cutting-edge technology. The SUV offers a smooth and powerful driving experience, thanks to its range of potent engines and advanced safety features. Whether navigating urban landscapes or venturing off the beaten path, the GLC-Class ensures a comfortable and confident ride and is one of many reasons to be in the Amyra Dastur car collection.

3. Mercedes-Benz C-Class – Rs. 60 Lakh

Amyra Dastur Car Collection
Source; Mercedes-Benz

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class is renowned for its industry-leading blend of both comfort and styling which makes it among the most preferred choice in the auto world. The C-Class offers a sleek and aerodynamic design adorned with the iconic three-pointed stars. It features a luxury-crafted interior that showcases a perfect fusion of leisure and technology, creating a driver-centric and opulent space. Under the hood, the C-Class sedan offers a range of powerful engines that ensure a dynamic driving experience, delivering both efficiency and exhilaration.

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