Ananta Jalil Car Collection


Cars of Bangladeshi Actor Ananta Jalil

Ananta Jalil, a Bangladeshi entrepreneur, actor, director, and producer, started his career as a businessman in 1999. He became famous through memes and entered filmmaking with “Khoj: The Search” in 2010. In 2014, he was honoured with the CIP (Commercially Important Person) title for his contributions to Bangladesh’s RMG sector. Starting as a production manager, he expanded his business over time, forming the AJI Group. He married model-turned-actress Afiea Nusrat Barsha on September 23, 2011, who now serves as the managing director of Monsoon Films. Now, let’s explore his collection of cars.

Ananta Jalil Car CollectionPrice (USD)
BMW 5-Series$74,720

BMW 5-Series

Ananta Jalil BMW

Once known as the top pick for sporty sedans, the BMW 5-series has shifted more towards luxury in recent times. It’s packed with advanced technology and offers supreme comfort, making it excel in many areas. However, it doesn’t quite match the lively handling of older BMW models that we loved. The design, though familiar, might be a bit too traditional for some buyers. The 530i comes with a powerful turbocharged inline-four engine as standard, while the 540i offers an even stronger turbocharged inline-six.


Ananta Jalil BMW

The BMW Z4, a two-seater with RWD, isn’t as fast or thrilling to drive as the Porsche Boxster, but it’s a close second. It offers strong performance and is enjoyable for daily driving. Unlike before, the Z4 is now only available as a convertible, not as a coupe, and it’s the cheapest two-seater BMW offers. This new version has a simple folding soft top instead of the heavier and more complicated retractable hardtop. Even with the change, its interior stays quiet and comfortable on the highway.

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