Andre Onana Car Collection Is Pretty Insane

André Onana Onana (born 2 April 1996) is a Cameroonian professional football player. He is the goalkeeper for the Cameroon national team as well as the Serie A club Inter Milan. Andre has an annual salary of around $2.1 million and an estimated net worth of over $8 million. Let’s look at what cars Andre Onana has got inside his expensive car collection.

1. Range Rover Sport – $96,700


The Range Rover Sport is a perfect blend of splendid off-road ability, luxury cabin, and a status of sportiness. Something that Land Rover does best with its flagship Range Rover cars. If one’s budget is slightly less elastic, the Rover Sport is an alternative that’s nearly as satisfying. The RR Sport starts from a hybrid-six, a plug-in hybrid, to a powerful twin-turbo V8. The cabin is upscale and well-equipped with desirable tech, plus impressive handling making it among the top SUVs that Andre Onana has got inside his car collection.

2. Mercedes-AMG E-Class Coupe – $74,695


Next comes the AMG E53 that Andre Onana has got in his car collection. The Mercedes-AMG E53 Coupe features a gorgeous and thrilling design and delivers a quirky performance thanks to its punchier AMG-tuned performance. The E53 Coupe offers a sleek exterior and packs a luxurious cabin with comfortable and sporty seats. The Coupe’s interior offers almost luxury and boasts all the tech you could need from a performance Merc. The AMG E53 offers a twin-turbo 6-cylinder engine that makes over 429 horsepower. The AMG E-Class Coupe can rocket from 0-60 mph in just four seconds paired with an engaging transmission with AWD making it among the best coupes.

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