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YouTuber Anica Zimmermann Bike Collection

Anica Zimmerman, a dynamic and passionate figure in the world of motorsports, who hails from Germany, stands out as a prominent biker and automobile enthusiast. With an unyielding affection for all things that roll on wheels, Anica has charted a distinctive course in the automotive domain. Her journey unfolds as an exhilarating odyssey, filled with speed, power, and the artistry of mechanics. From the bustling streets of Berlin to the winding roads of the Black Forest, Anica’s tireless spirit has driven her to explore both her homeland and beyond astride her trusty bike. These two-wheeled escapades haven’t just set her adrenaline racing; they’ve also nurtured a profound appreciation for the intricate engineering underpinning every motorcycle. Her estimated net worth currently stands at $600,000. Now, let’s delve into her impressive collection.

Anica Zimmermann Bike CollectionPrice (USD)
BMW S 1000 RR$17,000
Husqvarna FE 350$12,000

BMW S 1000 RR

Anica Zimmermann BMW

The latest iteration of the BMW S 1000 RR still boasts its potent 999cc inline-four engine. Coupled with a 6-speed gearbox, delivering an impressive claimed 205 horsepower at 13,000 rpm and 83 lb-ft of torque at 11,000 rpm. What sets it apart is BMW’s innovative ShiftCam technology. Which dynamically adjusts valve timing and stroke. Resulting in a substantial boost in low- to mid-range torque and enhanced high-end power. Building upon its predecessor, the 2023 BMW S 1000 RR retains its four primary ride modes. Rain, Road, Dynamic, and Race – complemented by optional “Pro” race modes. Moreover, it comes equipped with standard Dynamic Traction Control while introducing a novel feature for this year. The Slide Control function harnesses a steering angle sensor to facilitate controlled drifts during acceleration.

Husqvarna FE 350

Anica Zimmermann Husqvarna

The Husqvarna FE 350 stands out as a remarkably versatile dual sport bike. Positioned firmly between a street-friendly motorcycle and a rugged enduro machine, it tilts strongly toward the latter category. With shared frame and chassis components from Husqvarna’s flagship two-stroke enduro model. The TE 300, and the FE 350 excels in two specific areas. First, delivering an outstanding platform for aggressive enduro riding, and second, meeting stringent California emissions standards. Fortunately, Husqvarna has executed both objectives admirably. Leveraging the architecture of the prior-generation FC 250 engine, the FE 350 boasts a fuel-injected, liquid-cooled DOHC four-stroke 350cc powerplant that strikes a perfect harmony between responsive low-end torque and high-revving capability. This balance ensures all six gears perform exceptionally well on the trail.

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