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Aron Piper cars Ferrari 599 GT0

Aron Piper Car Collection – Aron Piper is a 22 year old, German actor. The actor is known for his acting in Netflix T.V series “The mess you leave behind”, Elite and his movie 15 years and one day. The actor currently has a Net-worth of about $4million. Aron Piper Car collection has two cars in it.

Name of the carPrice of the car
Ferrari 599 GTO$450,000
BMW X6$78,500
Aron Piper Cars


1. Ferrari 599 GTO

Aron Piper cars collection Ferrari 599 GTO

The Italian manufacturer Ferrari always make their spot in every list we make. This time the Ferrari 599 GTO is in the garage of the actor Aron Piper. The Ferrari 599 GTO gets its name from its production which was limited to just 599 units. The car comes at a price tag of $450,000. This car has a 6.0l, V12 engine that produces a power of 670hp and a torque of 475 lb-ft. The car comes with a 6 speed automatic transmission and a rear wheel drive that along with the powerful engine allows a top speed of 208mph ( 330kmph) and is capable of reaching 0-60 mph in just 3.35 seconds.

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2. BMW X6

Aron Piper Cars Collection BMW X6

Just like the Italians, the Germans also make it our collection lists every time. This time the BMW X6 which comes at a price tag of $78,500 is in our list. The BMW X6 is a mid SUV manufactured by the German brand and is one of the best performance vehicles. The BMW X6 comes with a 4.4L, turbo charged V8 engine capable of producing 523hp and 553lb-ft of Torque. The car comes with an 8 speed automatic transmission and an all wheel drive allowing a top speed of 155mph and a 0-60 seconds in just 4.3 seconds.


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