Aston Martin DBX 2022 Price, Mileage, Features, Engine, Top Speed & 0-60 MPH


Last year when Aston Martin launched the DBX, nobody saw it coming and it really made the gearheads crave about it, because it was different from it’s much sportier siblings this SUV has a great off road capabilities with it’s 4×4 system that handles pretty much anything you throw at it without even hinging a bit, and retaining the Aston Martin name with it making a legendary member of the British brand. Along with a great rear seats suitable for any person, this DBX offers a great practicality in reality compared to it’s siblings. Buyer can choose between a array of many cool colour choices and rich materials to fit their customers liking.

Aston Martin DBX 2022
Aston Martin DBX 2022

Under the hood is the good old Mercedes AMG sourced 4.0 Litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine that makes 542 horsepower 700 Nm of torque and ofcourse the sounds that it makes with that engine would make anyone go bananas. Also it’s a SUV making it a little slower than the cars which come from the same family name and it also suffers with a not so good spongy brake pedal and lacks a lot of popular driver assists features that nowadays cars comes with. But all in all the 2022 Aston Martin DBX performs well and delivers a true Aston Martin experience that it should give, well just from a much higher point of view.

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What’s New for 2022?

Okay so what’s new for the year? The buyers have an option to have a large 23 inch wheels for in their DBX. The new DBX also adds a small but a handy feature that is Wireless charging which enters their accessories. (Seriously this is just bizzare that still many brands doesn’t even offer this small thing with their cars), an optional new sports plus seats are also available with the 2022 edition of the car that provides an additional bolstering to better secure and grip the driver during the hard twists and turns. And lastly the brand’s offer four new interior trims which are standard for the brand’s 2022 lineup.

Engine, Performance, Top Speed & 0-60 MPH

Aston Martin DBX 2022
Aston Martin DBX 2022

The new 2022 DBX comes with a 4.0 Litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine sourced from the Mercedes Benz AMG which makes 542 horses and 700 Nm of torque, paired with a nine speed automatic transmission making the car go from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.9 seconds which is just impressive compared to it’s rival the Lamborghini Urus. While the DBX is rear-wheel drive, but when slippage is detected at the rear, it sends the torque to the frond axel. It also has a limited-slip rear differential with adaptive air dampers also comes as standard and can tow up to a weight of 2694 kgs. Making this DBX a powerful premium sports SUV. Take it for a spin and it wouldn’t let you down, whether it’s bumpy roads aur smooth highways it will grip you just as the same and perform well every time.

Fuel Economy and Real-World MPG

The 2022 Aston Martin DBX will deliver 14 mpg in the city and 18 mpg on the highway.

Dimensions and weight

The 2022 Aston Martin DBX has the dimensions of 5,039 mm in Length x 1,998 mm Width x 1,680 mm Height and weights 2245 kilograms.

Interior, Comfort, and Cargo

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The DBX shares a lot of its interiors with the other siblings in the family. Like the Leather stitching on all surfaces. Comes with a 12.3 inch digital gauge cluster with a customisable ambient lighting with three zone climate control with heated front and rear seats as standard with an optional ventilated front and rear seats, heated steering wheel and a more options for even more materials to amplify the cabin. It’s comfortable with ample knee room and plenty of space and head room for adults with a boot space of 632 Litres.

Pricing and Which One to Buy

The price of the new 2022 Aston Martin DBX will start from $203,000 excluding the optional packages that the brands offers. But we say that it’s best in it’s base green colour with the sports plus seat package and we’re sure that it fulfills all your needs and will not let you down and would perform as you wanted.


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