Ather 450S Electric Scooter At EMI of Just ₹3,990 Only

Ather 450S Specifications and Pricing

Don’t miss the chance to own the Ather 450S Electric Scooter which has exhilirating performance at an EMI of just ₹3,990. Ather Energy has introduced an affordable new electric scooter that combines impressive performance with remarkable features. This e-scooter shares its design with the 450X, differing mainly in battery and features. The Ather 450S electric scooter comes in two variants, starting at Rs 1.30 lakh. This highly anticipated e-scooter is now available at your nearest showroom.

Ather 450S Features

Bike Wale

The Ather 450S Electric Scooter features a new 7-inch LCD dash, which replaces the TFT unit on the X model. This LCD unit retains Bluetooth connectivity and eSIM features from the 450X, thanks to the optional Pro pack. However, it omits touch controls and document storage. To accommodate this change, the switchgear has been significantly redesigned. There’s a five-way joystick on the left to control all the dash functions, and a convenient one-touch button on the right for the reverse ‘Park Assist’ feature. The switches have a smoother, damped feel. The dashboard displays speed and range in the center, with the left side reserved for functions like music, calls, and ride data, while the right provides turn-by-turn navigation alerts. Ather claims a segment-first ‘Auto Brightness’ feature, but its legibility under various lighting conditions will need further testing.

Battery, Range and Performance

The Ather 450S Electric Scooter’s affordability comes primarily from its smaller 2.9kWh battery pack, in contrast to the 3.7kWh pack found in the 450X. Ather claims a range of 115km for the 450S. In comparison, the 450X achieves a TrueRange of 105km in SmartEco mode. With a motor rated at 5.4kW and 22Nm, the 450S performs similarly to the erstwhile 450 Plus. The 450S can zip around in its Sport mode, and its 90kph top speed enables short highway rides with ease.

Looks and Design

The Ather 450S shares a striking resemblance with the 450X, a design similarity that’s quite appealing. All body panels remain identical to the 450X, with only a subtle visual distinction being the black plastic piece on the headlight surround. Ather has successfully preserved the robust build quality, which is especially valuable for a more budget-friendly product. The 450S carries the same design elements as the 450X, including small and inconspicuous 450S badging on the side panels. This visual continuity is coherent with Ather’s branding approach, treating both as variants of the same platform.


The new Ather 450S electric scooter comes in two variants, one core and the other Pro Pack. Prices start at ₹ 1.30 lakh ex-showroom for the base model Core and ₹ 1.43 lakh ex-showroom for the Pro pack. In the top model of 450S i.e. Pro Pack, you get to see some connectivity features including extended warranty. You can also buy this new electric scooter Ather 450S on EMI by paying a down payment of only ₹ 12000, after which you will get this scooter at an EMI of only ₹ 3,990 per month. This is a great electric scooter but it cannot be called an affordable e-scooter because its top model costs only Rs 3000.

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