Ather To Launch Two Brand New Scooters In India

Ather To Launch Two Brand New Ather Scooters In India Details

Ather, a prominent player in India’s e-scooter market, is gearing up for significant expansion with Two Brand New Ather Scooters. With a current market share of 13%, they aim to become a dominant force by 2025, targeting a 30% market share. This ambitious plan includes the launch of two brand-new Ather scooters and an extensive retail network expansion across the country. Ather has shown impressive sales performance, highlighting their commitment to shaping the future of electric mobility in India.

Two Brand New Ather Scooters

Ather To Launch Two Brand New Ather Scooters In India
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Ather Energy is ready to introduce two brand new Ather scooters in India, revealing their strategic plans to compete in the electric two-wheeler market. Moreover, Ather has its sights set on the electric motorcycle segment, with a potential unveiling by 2027. Ather appears to be taking a measured approach, prioritizing product development to ensure they can compete effectively in the market.

Recent Launches from Ather

Ather recently introduced more affordable options in their electric scooter lineup, with the Ather 450s and Ather 450X. However, the company recognizes that the electric scooter market extends beyond performance-oriented models. Ather’s Chief Business Officer, Ravneet Singh Phokela, anticipates an additional 10-15 percent market share increase as they target a broader segment. Ather is working on a new platform to produce electric two-wheelers. This is a plan to introduce distinct models alongside their performance-oriented Ather 450X.

Ather’s Plans For the Future

Ather 450X
Ather 450X

Ather is shifting its design focus to create family-oriented, aiming to reach a broader audience with this approach. Their expansion plans involve increasing the retail network, with a target of 200 outlets in 120 cities by next March. Remarkably, even in Tier-2 and Tier-3 towns, Ather’s premium-positioned products have garnered a market response beyond expectations, prompting the adoption of a franchise model to adapt to changing expansion and distribution strategies for continued success.

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