Audi R8 EV To Come In 2025 Built On Porsche Platform

Audi has confirmed the all-electric supercar successor to the current 602-hp V10-powered R8 arriving in the coming years. According to Autocar, the German carmaker’s upcoming R8 successor is in development and likely to arrive in 2025. After selling over 100 R8 E-Tron, Ingolstadt has decided to end the production of the $1 million electric supercar.


A new report from within Audi claims that the R8 successor will arrive with a different name packing the same two-door coupe design in an all-electric powertrain. The Audi R8 EV will be the company’s most powerful car ever and will feature several hand-built elements. The current combustion-engined model will phase out next year before a rumored special edition model to arrive. The Audi R8 EV will be made at Bollinger Hofe, Germany where the ICE-powered is assembled.


The automaker is prioritizing the R8 replacement, it will also overlook the TT Coupe, Audi Sport boss Sebastian Grams told Autocar. The German automaker is working on a future affordable electric car as a toned-down performance EV. Audi will phase out most of its combustion engine cars from 2026 and will focus on new products.



Rumors suggest that the electric supercar will be built on Porsche’s new platform. According to reports, the upcoming Audi coupe will be based on the current Taycan and E-Tron GT’s SSP architecture. Or the electric coupe will be built on the upcoming Porsche 718 Cayman and Boxster’s new electric platform. The upcoming R8 will be quicker than the E-Tron GT with its under three seconds acceleration and over 700 hp of power.

Meanwhile, Audi will launch the last ICE model of the supercar, and Lamborghini is gearing up with its plug-in hybrid lineup. Although the Aventador replacement will pack a new V12 engine, the Huracan successor will feature a hybrid powertrain.

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