Audi S6 2022 Price, Mileage, Features, Engine, Top Speed & 0-60mph


The new 2022 Audi S6, although is almost the same car based on its younger sibling, the A6 with some distinctive design language. But with it’s 444 hp turbo six and active sport suspension it just roars out power and demands to be played with. With its cabin full opulence and rich materials with the company’s latest tech focused features one could imagine, and packs a great spacious cabin with a room for every person marks the incredible German build quality makes it more enthusiastic for the driver. Much of that is also seen in the competition such as the Mercedes AMG E53 and the BMW M550i which are much more driver focused cars but the Audi S6 gives you a great alternative choice offering everything that you need.

What’s New For 2022 ?

The 2022 Audi S6 comes unchanged for the overall looks but packs in the standard rear side airbags and an optional carbon fibre interior trim. And a new 21 inch wheel has also been added in the black optic design package.

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Engine, Top Speed, 0-60 MPH & Performance

The 2022 S6 comes with a much more sophisticated 2.9 Litre twin-turbocharged V6 engine instead of the 4.0 Litre turbocharged V8 in the last generation. The V6 comes with a 48 Volt hybrid system with an electric supercharger for additional boost. Paired with an eight speed automatic transmission which powers the all wheel drive system and makes 444 horsepower and can go from 0-60 mph in 4.4 seconds and can achieve a top speed of 150 mph.

Audi S6 2022
Audi S6 2022

You step foot on the pedal and feel how the car blasts from standstill to rocketing speeds in just a matter of seconds. Although the A6 is popular for its stick to road and comfortable driving but the S6 makes it even more fluid with it’s tuned suspension the ride is smooth with a great cornering and delivers a great performance whenever it’s needed, no matter if it’s the highway or your usual throttle cravings. The S6 feels steady and grippy even more with it’s optional rear wheel steering. All in all the new S6 will cater all of your needs like you wish for.

Fuel Economy | Mileage

The new 2022 S6 will deliver a much greater fuel efficiency compared to its previous model with the V8. It manages to deliver a mileage figure of 18 mpg in the city and 28 mpg on the highway.

Dimension & Weight

The 2022 Audi S6 measures 195.0 inches long, 74.3 inches wide and 56.9 inches tall and has a wheelbase of 115.3 inches and weighs around 2,028 kgs.

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With a price of $76,000 USD. The 2022 Audi S6 keeps the line clear of what you want and what it would deliver with an enormous choice of packages and features to fit your needs.

Interior & Exterior


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