Bigg Boss 17 Contestant Lawyer Sana Raees Khan Car Collection

This is the car collection of lawyer and Bigg Boss contestant Sana Raees Khan

Sana Raees Khan is a prominent criminal lawyer based in Mumbai, India. She is known for her sharp intellect, persuasive arguments, and unwavering commitment to her clients. Sana has represented several high-profile clients, including Aryan Khan (son of actor Shah Rukh Khan) in the Mumbai cruise drugs case and Indrani Mukerjea in the Sheena Bora case. In addition to her legal expertise, Sana is also a strong advocate for social justice. She has spoken out against issues such as gender inequality and police brutality. Recently Sana came into the limelight as the contestant of popular reality show Bigg Boss 17. Let’s take a look at the Sana Raees Khan Car Collection.

Mercedes-Benz GLC-ClassRs. 74.50 lakh
BMW 3-SeriesRs. 71.50 Lakh

1. Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class – Rs. 74.50 lakh

Source: Mercedes-Benz

Starting with the Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class in the Sana Raees Khan car collection. The GLC-Class offers both elegance and robust performance for the price. The Mercedes GLC offers the brand’s signature grille and curvy design with its striking looks. The SUV is offered in various trims and an array of engine choices from the base Benz trims to the high-performance AMG lineup. Apart from the striking exterior, the GLC-Class features a gorgeous interior with a well-appointed cabin offering every bit of luxury and comfort. The SUV combines the sheer riding experience with its luxury making it among the best-selling premium SUVs.

2. BMW 3-Series – Rs. 71.50 Lakh

Source: Caranddriver

Next comes the BMW 3-Series in the Sana Raees Khan car collection. The luxury German sedan offers the company’s refined performance and elegance that looks mature. The 3-Series has petrol and diesel engines that offer thrilling acceleration and precise handling. The car’s interior offers a blend of the latest and greatest tech with comfortable seating and the use of premium materials. The sedan offers impeccable riding experience which makes it among the top premium sedans in the market.

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