BMW Dealer Teased Its 2023 BMW X1 For May 2

One BMW dealer is advertising a preview event for the new 2023 BMW X1 crossover. The dealer is based in Cholet, France. The preview image shows the outline of the new design and side profile of the upcoming BMW X1. 


The preview image doesn’t say the exact date for the unveiling of the new 2023 BMW X1, as BMW hasn’t confirmed it officially. The Facebook post on the page translates to, “We are pleased to invite you to discover the new BMW X1 exclusively during its exceptional preview in our BMW Charrier dealership in Cholet on Monday, May 2nd from 5:00 pm. Take your chance to be the first in France to discover it!”

The post didn’t have any other details about the new crossover. But, we can speculate what the new crossover from BMW will be like. As the early spy shots of the upcoming BMW X1 came in 2020. The spy shots and renderings of the new X1 have more upward styling than the current-gen X1. Like the kidney grilles on the new models are larger than on the older ones. The teaser also depicts new headlights and tail lamps for the X1. The photos hint at some new design changes on the interior fronts and modern technologies. 

  • 2023-bmw-x1-spyshots
  • 2023-bmw-x1-spyshots

Specs: Engine, Performance, 0-60 MPH & Top-Speed

We think there will be a variety of powertrain options for the new X1. And the top-spec model will have a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that will produce 302 horsepower (225 kilowatts) and 450 pound-feet (332 Newton-metres) of torque. You can differentiate between the trim level with quad exhausts and new headlamps. The upcoming X1 could go from 0-60 mph in under 6 seconds and can achieve a top speed of 155 mph. 

The new generation X1 EV and a plug-in hybrid model are also expected. There aren’t many details regarding the battery size, range, and performance. But we expect that the EV will come with a single and a dual motor design with more than 250 miles of range. 

We don’t think the event there is legit or not. But we can hope that the next-gen X1 is coming from BMW this year. 


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