BMW M4 Competition 2022 Price, Mileage, Features, Engine, Top Speed & 0-60mph


The new BMW M4 2022 is just what you didn’t got on the M3. Like a hardtop coupe model, check ! A soft top convertible, check ! A much more aggressive look and styling, check ! Latest tech and luxury, check ! Manual gearbox, check ! What else you need? It ticks basically all of your boxes. The M4 packs a powerful 473 hp twin-turbocharged straight six with a satisfying manual transmission and a rear wheel drive and the track focused M4 Competition packs an even more powerful 503 hp twin-turbocharged straight six, a quick responsive automatic transmission with tuned chassis with an optional all wheel drive for the quicker lap times if you consider to through that power on a race track while the regular M4 gives you the control and enable for a drifting performance. No matter which model you choose or pick, both will be just a delight to drive.

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What’s New For 2022 ?

BMW chose to make a return for the convertible model with an addition of an all wheel drive option for the M4 Competition (which we’ve seen in the M3 Competition too), for its 2022 M4 lineup.

Engine, Top Speed, 0-60mph & Performance

The new 2022 M4 offers a 3.0 Litre twin-turbocharged inline six engine which comes in two power outputs. The base M4 which makes 473 horsepower with 406 lb ft of torque and offers a six speed manual transmission with rear wheel drive and can blast off from 0-60 mph in 4.1 seconds And the M4 Competition which makes 503 horsepower and 479 lb ft of torque and offers an automatic transmission with rear or all wheel drive which makes it even more quicker at 0-60 mph in just 3.4 seconds and can achieve a top speed of 155 mph.

BMW M4 Competition 2022
BMW M4 Competition 2022

Both are equipped with adaptive dampers and adjustable brake pedal feel and electronically controlled exhaust system with variable level of loudness and many drive modes to choose from. The M4 is just great on corners with loads of power to show on the straight roads with stability from the chassis and good suspension setup with precise handling and a great steering feedback with carbon fibre roof which reduces the centre of gravity even more helping the car to stay stuck to the road. And could hold the car with even more strength with its carbon ceramic brakes.

Mileage | Fuel Economy

The 2022 M4 will deliver a mileage of 16 mpg in the city and 23 mpg on the highway with it’s rear wheel drive. And the M4 Competition will deliver an estimated mileage of 18 mpg combined.

Dimensions & Weight

Length: 189.1 in
Width: 74.3 in
Height: 54.8 in
Wheelbase: 112.5 in
Trunk volume: 12 cu ft
Curb weight: 3709 lb

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With a starting price of $72,795 the base BMW M4 is a lot more fun than the rivals, all because of it’s manual transmission which gives that satisfying feel and thrilling driving experience. And it wouldn’t be disappointing to go for the M4 Competition as well, to experience that extra boost of performance driving with great stability control.


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