BMW Starts The Production Of Fuel Cells For Its iX5 Hydrogen

After the unveil of the BMW iX5 Hydrogen Concept, the company announced that the iX5 will enter limited production by the end of 2022. BMW now announced that it has begun the production of fuel cells in its Munich plant. Oliver Zipse, BW’s chairman of the Board of Manage, ent and Frank Weber, Member of the Board of Management attended the occasion. The new iX5 will use the hydrogen fuel cell system confluence by its high-output battery. The EV will enhance the brand’s lineup in addition to a new system that will make BMW’s premium segment unique.

“As a versatile energy source, hydrogen-powered vehicles have a key role to play on the road to climate neutrality. It will also gain substantially in importance as far as personal mobility is concerned. We think hydrogen-powered vehicles are ideally placed technologically to fit alongside battery-EVs and complete the electric mobility picture,” said Oliver Zipse.

More Info About How The Cells Are Produced:

The Munchen giant has revealed more details about the production process of its fuel cells for the BMW iX5’s internals. BMW has sourced the fuel cells from Toyota as both carmakers have joined hands on making advanced fuel cell vehicles.

According to BMW, fuel cell systems are fabricated in two steps. A stack of the fuel cell is assembled by joining each cell to complete the system. All the components are then fitted by adjoining the stack and placing it on top of another. BMW will do these processes in their BMW Group plant in Landshut as they don’t have to develop each cell.

The specs for the BMW iX5 Hydrogen are not known but will be when the car makes its official debut. We do know that the concept car came with 168 horsepower (125 kilowatts). We do know about the driving range of the car but BMW will feature two 6 kg hydrogen tanks.

Exterior & Interior Photos:

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  • bmw-ix5-hydrogen-side-photo
  • bmw-ix5-hydrogen-rear-view-photo
  • bmw-ix5-hydrogen-electric-motor-
  • bmw-ix5-hydrogen-intrior-dashboard

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