Bugatti SUV & EV Not Going To Happen In Coming 10 Years

There are few super-expensive brands that don’t follow trends whether be the SUVs or the electrification going on in the auto industry. High-end brands like Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin, and Bentley are far from following the trend. Instead, these brands follow their strategy with their rich and exclusive offerings. Both Mclaren and Ferrari are off to make SUVs with Ferrari revealing its Purosangue SUV soon. With such change, Bugatti claims that their SUV and EV are not going to happen, not in the coming 10 years.

CEO Mate Rimac in an interview with the German magazine Automobilwoche said Bugatti SUV and EV are not a part of their 10-year plan. It says the French automaker won’t be making fully electric supercars until 2032. Bugatti is no ordinary brand, if comparable, it is no longer Bugatti Mate added. It is strange and good news for some that Bugatti will no longer be part of the pure electrification race going on right now. Bugatti will reveal their upcoming EV and an SUV when most carmakers have phased out their ICE cars.


Bugatti EV is still far away, the company can’t ignore electrification completely. With the stronger emission regulations in place, the luxury brand will somehow manage to pore in some electrification inside. Though it is still unclear whether the future Bugatti cars will feature the mammoth last of its kind W16 engine. We hope Bugatti will bring a hybrid solution for its future cars. According to CEO Mate Rimac, Chiron’s successor will feature more hybridized powertrain with heavy electrification.


The Bugatti Chiron’s successor to come with a downgraded engine likely be a W12 or a V12 engine onboard. The W16 engine with its mammoth size and performance is the madness of power but makes a dent in the environment. The upcoming Bugatti to offer an all-new V12 engine coming in the Lamborghini Aventador’s successor. With the combined hybrid technology, the upcoming Bugatti to offer a range of 31 miles said Mate Rimac.

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