Byton M-Byte performance and specifications



The newly established Chinese-German all-electric vehicle automotive brand Byton is ready with its first model the “M-Byte SUV“. The car encourages other brands to make Premium EVs. The jaw-dropping feature is the 48-inch massive curved infotainment display stretching throughout the dashboard. The company is set to give Tesla tough competition as Byton focuses primarily on the self-driving feature.

EV Motor, Power, and Performance

The car comes with the option of both rear wheel drive and all-wheel-drive terrain. The rear-wheel-drive model brings out a total of 268 HP whereas the all-wheel-drive model comes with 402 HP power terrain. The 268 HP brings the car to a 60 mph mark from a still stop in about 7.5 seconds and the latter saves about a couple of seconds. The top speed of the car is around 120 mph a has a range of about 340 miles on a full charge.

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  • Height -1,665mm
  • Width -1,970mm
  • Length-4,875mm
  • Wheelbase- 2,950mm

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Other Features

Byton M-Byte includes a fast charging feature and an automatic interior lighting setup which adjusts automatically for maximum visibility. Byton also provides a 2+2 or 2+3 seating option. The M-Byte also has a huge 1550 Liter trunk providing you with enough boot space.


The Byton M-byte is priced at $45,000 for its Rear-wheel-drive model and the all-wheel-drive is priced around $55,000.


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