Cadillac Escalade Ballerifiq Edition Introduced by GM



The new Cadillac Escalade Ballerifiq Edition is a new trim for the latest fifth-generation Escalade promising to offer ultimate luxury and lavish style. The suffix -iq Escalade Ballerifiq Edition as a top trim level lineup, with a range of opulent details.

What’s New?

Starting with the exterior, the grille has been highlighted with solid 24-karat gold, gold pinstripes running down the flanks. The headlight housings are mounted with Diamonds. Also, the front end is made flashier by complementing with a unique gold chain draped across the front fascia, which is matched by a wearable chain included with the vehicle as standard. Moreover, the front Caddy crest is detachable and can be worn if desired, with the included gold chain.

Cadillac Escalade Ballerifiq Edition
Cadillac Escalade Ballerifiq Edition

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The overall stance is low, with the Ballerifiq riding low over a set of platinum-plated 25-inch wheels. Further, window surrounds and various trim bits are Platinum-plated with spinner styled wheels are optional.

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Cadillac Escalade Ballerifiq Edition
Cadillac Escalade Ballerifiq Edition

The interior of Cadillac is standard with the latest comfort and entertainment features, including an 80-inch widescreen mounted in the headliner and a top-shelf hi-fi stereo system capable of producing over 200 dB of sound. And also a completely NEW FEATURE, the SUV is equipped with a uniqueMake It Rain” mode wherein passengers can load a stack of bills into a slot in the centre console, which then dispenses the cash in showers of money above and behind the vehicle as it rolls down the street.

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Cadillac Escalade Ballerifiq Edition
Cadillac Escalade Ballerifiq Edition

Cadillac spokesperson April Firths said, “The Cadillac Escalade is already an icon of affluence, but the new Ballerifiq ups the ante even further, Simply put, this SUV is the last word in luxury motoring.” As for pricing, Cadillac declined to provide exact details, stating instead “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.


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