Canadian Singer Tesher Car Collection & Net Worth

Hitesh Sharma aka Tesher Has A Cool Ride

Tesher is a Canadian singer, best known for his singles “Young Shahrukh” and “Jalebi Baby”, both released in 2020. A remix version of “Jalebi Baby” was released in 2021 with Jason Derulo. Raised in Regina, Saskatchewan, Tesher was influenced by his Indian heritage as well as his Canadian upbringing. Growing up listening to Indian as well as Western hip-hop music, Tesher began to fuse Bollywood and hip-hop songs and create mashups from a young age. Later, he also began to incorporate bhangra, R&B, pop, reggaeton, house, and salsa music into his songs. As of now, Tesher is currently single and isn’t dating anyone. His estimated net worth stands at $1 Million, with an annual salary of $120,000. So, check out his car in detail.

Tesher Car CollectionPrice (USD)
Ford Mustang$32,515
Tesher’s Cars

1. Ford Mustang

Tesher Ford

The Ford Mustang is among the best and most iconic sports cars ever made by Ford. The Mustang GT presents an eye-pleasing design body and a feature-rich sporty cockpit. The 7th-gen Mustang continues to flaunt its proactive appeal and majestic performance. The car packs a powerful 2.3L Ecoboost engine, making 315 hp and 350 b-ft of torque. Paired with an engaging transmission with rear-wheel drive. The Ford Mustang offers stunning performance and is among the best budget sports cars you can buy. Also Read: Amy Seimetz Latest Car Collection & Net Worth

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