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Dave Hollis is the CEO of the Hollis Company, a company that exists to help people build better lives. Firstly, He is known widely for his work as President of Theatrical Distribution in The Walt Disney Studios. The studio is responsible for global theatrical sales and distribution efforts for all motion pictures released under the Disney, Pixar, Disneynature, Marvel Studios, and Lucasfilm banners. Secondly, and most importantly he currently serves as the host of a podcast called ‘Rise Together,’ and the CEO of The Hollis Co. In addition, Dave Collins is also an Author.

Cars of Dave HollisPrice
1969 Ford Bronco$77,000
Range Rover Velar$105,000

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1. 1969 Ford Bronco

1969 Ford Bronco

This car in Dave Hollis garage has a 4.9 Litre V8 which was enlarged to 302 cubic inches from the previous year’s 289 cubic inches. The car can generate 210 HP. Moving around town in this car will make everyone turn for a look. The car has a roaring engine and cool vintage look. 1969 Bronco can current day cost you up to a $77,000.

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2. Range Rover Velar

Range Rover Velar

This Dave’s car comes with a  3.0-litre straight-six in the P400. This 395 bhp engine has 0-62 mph acceleration figure of 5.5 seconds. In addition the car’s ride height provide you with enough comfort for the city traffic. Hollis uses this car the most. Pricing for the short-wheelbase model starts at $104,500 with the P400 six-cylinder engine, $108,400 with the P440e plug-in-hybrid system and $122,800 with the P530 V8.


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