Top 10 Electric Motor Manufacturing Companies in India In 2023

Electric motor

Best 10 Electric Motor Manufacturing Companies in India in 2023 Before getting to best 10 electric motor Manufacturing companies, lets see what is a electric motor. An electric motor is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. Its working principle is to apply the principle of electromagnetic induction, the current generates amagnetic field, and then interacts with the static magnetic field to generate a rotational force. List of Top 10 Electric Motor manufacturing company is listed below: 1. ABB GROUP ABB India, a subsidiary of ABB Group, offers …

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Ride1Up REVV 1 Price, Features and Specifications


Ride1Up REVV 1 Details and Review Ride1Up REVV 1 is a build it yourself electric vehicle. This pretty well-equipped mini bike is a great value for money proposition. The Ride1Up REVV 1 is a competitor to the Super73. This build quality is sturdy and has a well finished body which …

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Iran Discovered World’s Second Largest Lithium Reserve


World’s second largest lithium deposits over 8.5 million tonnes are found in Iran They say lithium is the white gold of the 21st century. The countries holding most of them will play a vital role in the world’s supply chain market. Iran recently reported that it has found the world’s …

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Tata Motors Backed Stryder Launched Zeepta Electric Bicycle Worth Rs 25,559

Stryder Zeepta Electric Bicycle

Stryder Zeepta Electric Bicycle As the world is changing and today everyone prefers electric vehicles over ICE, brands are really focusing on electric vehicles and launching amazing products with the best technology and engineering. Tata Motors-backed Stryder finally launched its electric bicycle, the Zeepta. In this article, we’re going to …

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Sales Report Of Electric Two Wheeler For February 2023

EV Sales Report February 2023

Sales Data of Electric Two-Wheelers In India For 2023 Day by day electric vehicles are getting better grip in India and people are more focused toward them instead of petrol. Recently India gets lots of new EV startup who introduced new scooter with amazing technology. Which results in high competition …

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