Chevrolet Brings “Build Your Own Engine” Back For 2023 Z06

Chevrolet has announced that it has plans to bring back the “Build Your Own Engine” program for the 2023 Chevy Corvette Z06. The program allows the Z06 buyers to assemble the car’s engine with the help of Corvette engineers. It is available for all Corvettes that use the LT6 engines which means only the Z06 available for now.



According to Corvette Blogger, it is a real challenge due to the complexity of the engine. “We’ve done some things the customers who build their engine will appreciate,” said Kai Spande, plant director at the 28th-anniversary celebration for the Corvette Museum. For 2023, the Bowling Green Kentucky plant has designed an area only for interested customers. it’ll help customers to build their engines alongside Corvette engineers preventing them to go on the assembly line directly. Previously, the Build Your Own Engine program let the buyers would join the assembly line to help assemble their engines.


Previous Build Your Own Engine program, was $5,000 extra to the cost of the car according to Corvette Blogger. Chevy bringing the program back to the floor means it will get more expensive this time considering the high demand. Chevrolet has not revealed any details about the official pricing for the program, we will update you when we get that. The Build Your Own Engine Program will begin in the second quarter of 2023.

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