ChinJit Pyng Car Collection: 2023 Cars of ChinJit Pyng

Chin Jit Pyng, Born on May 15, 1958. A Malaysian Business Tycoon. He was assigned as the Board of SymLife on 28 August 2001. Mr. Chin was re-designated from Non-lndependent Non-Executive Chief to Official Chief of the Company on 23 March 2021. He was re-designated as Senior Official Executive on 26 April 2002 in charge of Data lnnovation Division and was in this way re-designated as a Non-Executive Chief of the Company on 1 April 2007. Mr. Chin gotten his Single man of Science degree majoring in Computer Ponders from Brighton Polytechnic, UK. He is the Founder/Advisor of Silverlake Advancement Accomplices. He was professionally linked in with lBM for more than a decade. Chin has an estimated net worth in multi millions. So let’s have a look at ChinJit Pyng Car Collection.


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1. Bugatti Chiron


Beginning the Chin Jit Pyng Car Collection with his Bugatti Chiron specced in Sang Bleu. The Chiron is one of the fastest and most expensive cars ever to be produced. Powered by a 8.0-Liter Quad Turbocharged W16. The Bugatti produces over 1497 Horsepower and 1600Nm Torque. lt comes with a price tag of $3.5 Million.

2. Bugatti Divo

Following Chin Jit Pyng Car Collection has a Bugatti Divo. Same as the Chiron, The Divo’s heart beat by a 8.0-Liter Quad Turbocharged W16 Engine. It produces over 1500 Horsepower and 1600Nm Torque. The Divo can sprint from 0-60 mph in a mere 2.4 seconds only. The Hypercar costs about $5.4 Million.

3. Ferrari SF90

Next, ChinJit Pyng Car Collection is his $1.5 million. Ferrari SF90 Stradale finished in Rosso Corsa. The SF90 comes to power by a 4.0-litre Twin Turbocharged V8 paired to three electric motors and a 8-speed dual clutch automatic gearbox which makes over 986 horsepower. The car generates a maximum of 1000 Horsepower and 800 Nm of torque. The SF90 is currently Ferrari’s flagship model and is also the most powerful vehicle produced by Ferrari in Maranello. 

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