Chris Harris’ Much Loved Lotus Exige S1


Chris Harris’ Much Loved Lotus Exige S1 is back with him again, which he sold a long ago. The journalist takes it for a spin and gets to know more about his old daily-driven car. He also tells us why this car is so valuable and important. The car is being sold by the same person whom he sold it to 20 years ago.

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Chris Harris’ Much Loved Lotus

After reuniting with his Exige, he shows a walkaround of the car and narrates tales of owning a focused and lightweight British sports car. This 2001 Lotus Exige S1 uses a 1.8L four-cylinder K-series engine that makes 190 hp. As this is a track-focused car, it has advanced brakes and a sports exhaust, along with changes to the body and rear wing. This used to be his daily drive and used to drive to races at the Nürburgring.

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Chris Harris' Much Loved Lotus Exige S1
Chris Harris’ Much Loved Lotus Exige S1

The K-series engines are famous for blowing out head gaskets often. Hence, Chris narrates that the engine is not the original one; the first one blew up, and the car was lucky enough to receive a brand-new engine. Some minute details like car magazines thrown in, in which the same car got featured, and a race timing kit that Harris used that is still fitted. With the slick gear change, responsive engine, steering, and the low driving position this car still drives as it did before.


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