Dacia’s new Manifesto is the Future of Off-Road: Details and specifications

DACIA is a Romanian automobile manufacturer and a subsidiary of Renault, The company unveiled its latest concept; The Manifesto which appears to be the future of off-road vehicles. And a point of fact the manifesto comes without doors as well as the windshield, and currently is not in the manufacturing stage. The Manifesto seems to be a complete Adventurous and fun vehicle, and would best suit all those people who love to go out and explore the nature, the Manifesto comes with all such options such as its seat covers can be also used as sleeping bags, and luggage can be kept on its roof racks too.



The Manifesto surely looks cool, robust as well as eco-friendly off-roader. Dacia also claims that the single headlight which is placed on the front-right is as powerful as two, and incase the camping site doesn’t have a light or torch, the headlight can be used as one. The buggy comes with a removable battery, which the vehicle recharges all by itself, also a surprising fact; the car battery even works as a power bank since it can be used to charge devices through a house-hold plug on it.



The interior of the Manifesto is said to be waterproof since most of it is made up of polypropylene, which makes it water resistant. The company claims that the interior can be cleaned with a pressure washer too, The car sits on puncture-proof airless tires, which would really ease the exploring part.


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