Davide Cesaro Car Collection And Net Worth


Monaco Influencer Davide Cesaro Car Collection

Meet Davide Cesaro, a creator of luxury lifestyle content and the brains behind DADOCESARO International. This luxury management service covers yacht and jet brokerage, supercar guidance, and sales and purchase assistance, offering the most vibrant experiences in the luxury market. Cesaro, a prominent figure in Yachting and Lifestyle Influence, actively engages in exclusive events and worldwide brand collaborations. Drawing from years of luxury travel and collaboration with industry leaders, Davide spotted an opportunity to centralize it all just for you. Davide Cesaro boasts an estimated net worth of $3 million. Now, let’s take a look at his impressive car collection.

Davide Cesaro Car CollectionPrice (USD)
Lamborghini Huracan$214,886
Mercedes-Benz G-Class$140,950

Lamborghini Huracan

Davide Cesaro Lamborghini

While the mid-engine Corvette is affordable and cool, it can’t match the allure or intensity of the Lamborghini Huracán. Even though the Huracán’s high price puts it out of reach for most, we can still admire its stunning design and be amazed by its impressive performance. This is thanks to its mid-mounted 600+ hp V10, creating awe-inspiring sounds and propelling the coupe and convertible like a cannon launch. Despite being an exotic sports car that dominates racetrack laps, the Huracán is practical for daily driving. Yet, due to limited storage, packing light is a must. In essence, the Corvette is great, but the Huracán takes the spotlight with its unattainable charm and remarkable capabilities.

Mercedes-AMG G63

Davide Cesaro Mercedes-Benz

When it comes to off-road adventures and a touch of luxury, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class stands out. Also known as the Geländewagen, it’s like a Ford Bronco or Jeep Wrangler but with a posh twist for those with deep pockets. Despite its high price and fancy features like massaging seats, this SUV can handle tough terrain like a champ. While we doubt many rich owners will push it to its off-road extremes, it’s robust build and modern tech make it more than just a stylish throwback to its 1979 predecessor. The G-Class offers a smooth ride and diverse technology, making it perfect for both a night at the theater and conquering rough, muddy trails.

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