Didier Deschamps Car Collection: Cars of Didier Deschamps

Didier Claude Deschamps (born 15 October 1968) is a former French football player and is the manager of the French national team since 2012. He started his professional football career in the 1990s winning two Ligue 1 titles with Marseille. Deschamps has played for several clubs in France, Italy, Spain, and England. Didier earns over $3 million annually and has accumulated a net worth of a whopping $240 million. Let’s look at what cool cars Didier Deschamps has in his incredible car collection.

1. Ferrari 550 Maranello – $170,000

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Didier Deschamps has an iconic Ferrari 550 Maranello in his luxury car collection. Ferrari introduced the 550 Maranello in 1996 offering a cool design and track-oriented performance. The Ferrari 550 is considered among the best driver-focused cars in the world. The 550 features a gorgeous design, an aerodynamic body, and a furious and powerful engine inside. The Ferrari 550 Maranello packs a capable 5.5L V12 engine with 500 hp of sweet power. The Ferrari replaced the iconic Ferrari Testarossa with its controversial front-engined design and supreme performance.

2. Ferrari 456 GT – $130,000

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Didier Deschamps has got a Ferrari 456 GT in his amazing car collection. The 1995 Ferrari 456 GT was a supercar that featured a gorgeous design and a mind-boggling performance. The 456 GT packed a cool 4-seater design and a sheer Italian-bred design matched with a high-end driving experience. The 456 GT packed a powerful front-mounted 5.5L naturally aspirated V12 engine that makes 436 hp of thrill. The thrilling performance and exemplary ride make the Ferrar 456 one hell of a machine.

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3. BMW 7-Series – $115,000

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Deschamps also has a cool BMW 7-Series in his amazing car collection. The 7-Series offers an exemplary design, a premium cabin with advanced tech, and offers a luxury ride. The 7-Series with its modern-looking design packs almost everything from offering to its customers. The car’s opulent exterior design and eye-pleasing interior pair outstandingly with its refined V8 engine. The 7-Series packs a capable 4.4L twin-turbocharged V8 engine that makes 591 hp of power. Combined with its best-in-class luxury and buttery-smooth performance, the BMW delivers a delightful ride.

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