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Dmitry Andreyevich Muratov / Dmitry Muratov was born on October 29, 1961 in Kuybyshev, RSFSR, Soviet Union. He is a journalist by profession but also the editor-in-chief of Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta. Muratov co-founded the Novaya Gazeta in 1993 with other journalists. Before the founding of Novaya Gazeta, Dmitry worked for Volzhsky Komsomolets newspaper. The award collection of Dmitry is very decorated as he won several awards like CPJ International Press Freedom Award, Legion of Honour, and most elegant of them is Nobel Peace Prize which he received in 2021.

The net worth of Dmitry Muratov is nearly $1.5 million and he got a hybrid, a SUV and two sedans in his collection.

Dmitry Muratov Car CollectionPrice (USD)
Toyota Camry$25,295
Audi A7$68,900
BMW X3 E83$43,700
Mercedes-Benz E500$62,000
Dmitry Muratov Car Collection

1. Toyota Camry

Dmitry Muratov coming out of his Camry
via- Award World

The Toyota Camry is a hybrid vehicle introduced to the world in 1982. Coming under the category of compact mid-size sedan Camry comes with a 2.5L dynamic force V4 petrol engine that gives 176 hp. Its electric motor produces 245 V power. Coming at a starting price of $25,295, the top speed of the Camry is 135 mph and its 0-60 mph time is 5.1 sec.

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2. Audi A7

Dmitry Muratov Audi A7
via- Audi Media Center

The first model of Audi A7 came in 2010. It is a luxury coupe produced by Audi and possess a 5-door liftback body style. Audi fitted a 3.0L turbocharged V6 with a power output of 335 hp and gives a top speed of 130 mph. Sprinting from 0-60 mph in 5.1 sec., one can buy Audi A7 at a price of $68,900.

3. BMW X3 E83

BMW X3 E83
via- YouTube

When the demand for SUVs peaked in the early 2000s, BMW thought of taking advantage and built a premium mid-size SUV X3. Coming with a 3.0L inline-six that produces 268 hp, X3 shook the market after its launch and became one of the tops most selling SUVs at that time. Having a standstill to 60 mph time of 6.8 sec. this SUV can achieve a top speed of 144 mph. This SUV has a starting price of $43,700.

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4. Mercedes-Benz E500

Mercedes-Benz E500
via- Carscoops

Dmitry also owns a Benz E500, which he generally drives when he was getting late or wants something faster than his X3. Muratov is a man who loves comfort and convenience, it’s the reason why he drives cars like X3 and E500. Under its hood, E500 contains a 5L V8 producing 302 hp that helps in achieving 155 mph of top speed. $62,000 is the retail price of this car and it goes from rest to 60 mph in 6.3 sec.


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