Ford Mustang GT4 vs Ford Mustang GT3 Comparison

Ford Mustang GT4 vs Ford Mustang GT3 Detailed Comparison

Introducing the dynamic duo of Ford Mustang race cars: the GT4 and GT3 versions. The Mustang GT3 is the ultimate race car, designed for global FIA GT3 competition events like the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The Mustang GT4 serves as the entry-level track car, offering thrilling performance with its lightweight body and distinctive aerodynamic features. With both cars sharing a racing pedigree with Multimatic, the Mustang GT4 and GT3 embody the spirit of motorsports excellence.

Ford Mustang GT4


The Ford Mustang GT4 has a variety of excellent qualities that support its outstanding track performance. Its chassis is reinforced with a seam-welded Ford steel unibody and an integrated FIA safety cage. Carbon fibre is used in the aerodynamic package. Among the outstanding ancillaries are Brembo brakes with ABS calibration, Forgeline forged aluminium wheels, and a programmable Motec digital display system.

Engine and Performance

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The 5.2L V8 GT4 race engine was created for the Ford Mustang GT4. The Holinger RD-6 sequential paddle shift gearbox transfers power and ensures quick and accurate gear changes. With a 3.31:1 ratio, the limited slip differential designed specifically for the Mustang GT4 improves traction and cornering performance. The fuel system includes a typical sprint racing tank with the option for an endurance tank, as well as a Multimatic-developed dry-break refuelling system. The Forgelin GS1R forged aluminium wheels offer lightweight strength.

Ford Mustang GT3


Elevating the Mustang GT3 to new heights, its distinctive features are truly remarkable. Starting with the 2024 Mustang Dark Horse, this race car boasts bespoke suspension, a rear-mounted transaxle gearbox, and carbon fiber body panels. The unique aero package takes center stage with an array of enhancements. Additional lighting and strategically placed inlets enhance its aggressive appearance. And let’s not forget the imposing swan-neck-mounted wing and massive diffuser, which ensure exceptional downforce and stability.

Engine and Performance

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With the invaluable collaboration of trusted partners, Ford Performance has crafted the Mustang GT3’s impressive engine and performance. M-Sport takes the reins in building the race-tuned 5.4-liter V-8 powerhouses, derived from the 5.0-liter Coyote engine. Packing a robust 500 horsepower, these engines propel the GT3 with unwavering force. The GT3 variant also benefits from a rear-mounted transaxle, optimizing weight distribution and enhancing traction. The unique suspension system, featuring an unequal-length double-wishbone setup, ensures precise handling and responsiveness on the track.


The Ford Mustang GT4 and GT3 represent two remarkable iterations of performance and racing prowess. While the GT4 serves as an entry-level vehicle, it still packs a punch with its V-8 engine and aerodynamic enhancements. On the other hand, the GT3 takes the Mustang’s capabilities to a whole new level, with its bespoke suspension, carbon fiber body panels, and rear-mounted transaxle gearbox. Both models showcase Ford Performance’s commitment to delivering exceptional track performance and thrilling driving experiences.

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