Future Honda Cars To Get Hybrid Tech

With the increasing competition in the Indian auto industry, many companies are betting big on electrifying their cars. For no such surprise, Honda is one of them, developing hybrid tech for its future cars. The Japanese carmaker is developing hybrid tech with strong electric motors instead of mild hybrid. To meet the regulation laws, the automaker plans to convert 70 percent of its lineup to all-electric before 2030.



The hybrid technology is under development for several years to electrify the lineup as early as possible. Thanks to the increasing demand, buyers need hybrid cars more than ever. Honda City Hybrid launched a few months ago and became one of the best hybrid cars with its great 26.5 kmpl mileage. Honda’s recent study for EVs and flex-fuel vehicles says the automaker plans to bring more EVs to the market. With Mahindra, and Tata bringing their EVs to the markets, Honda will get good competition. According to Honda Chief Takuya Tsumura, Honda is preparing for electrified cars to launch in Indian markets. The automakers developing their electric vehicles will be great for buyers as the government incentivizes on them. So carmakers will have no issues with the transition from IC-powered vehicles to electric vehicles.



Honda is pledged to achieve a net-zero carbon goal by 2050 and is planning to produce over 2 million EVs. In India, Honda plans more than 30 new hybrid cars and electric cars and will convert its lineup to electric. With the current 8 percent of the total sale of the Honda City hybrid, we see the demand is growing. Future Honda cars such as compact SUVs, sedans, hatchbacks, and mid-size SUVs to come with strong hybrid tech.

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