Georgina Gifted Rolls Royce To Boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo Gets Rolls Royce From Girlfriend Georgina Rodríguez On Christmas

Georgina Rodríguez gifted Rolls Royce Dawn to her boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo on this Christmas. She uploaded a video on her Instagram recently where she is surprising Ronaldo with this beautiful silver convertible Rolls Royce Dawn. Cristiano also uploaded that same reel video on his story paying thanks to his girlfriend with lots of love. Georgina is a Spanish model, dancer and mother to Cristiano’s four children. They are dating from past six years and having a really healthy relationship. Earlier she gifted him Cadillac Escalade, then Mercedes-Benz G-Class Brabus tunned on his birthday and this time she comes up with a Rolls Royce Dawn which costs over $380,000 USD which is really impressive.

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Georgina Rodríguez Gift CR7

The Rolls Royce Dawn is one of the finest convertible luxury vehicle which comes with a powerful 6.7-liters Twin-Turbocharge V12 engine that makes power up to 563 Horsepower and 840 NM of torque. This beautiful vehicle can go from zero to 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds and have a top speed of 155 mph which is electronic limited. The special luxurious vehicle is pretty expensive too with a base price of over $380,000 and it’ll go higher with further customizations. The Dawn is the combination of performance, luxury and fun-to-drive with its convertible top which is equally important for an luxurious vehicle.

Georgina Gifted Rolls Royce To Boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo
Georgina Rodríguez & CR7 Rolls Royce

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This is the third car Georgina Rodríguez gifted to boyfriend Ronaldo. First was the $150,000 Cadillac Escalade then Brabus Mercedes G-Class which costs over $250,000 and now the massive, luxurious and expensive Rolls Royce Dawn. Ronaldo have a huge line-up in his garage which includes Bugatti Chiron, Veyron, Ferrari F12tdf, Some Rolls Royce and much more. You can see the full Car Collection of Cristiano Ronaldo here.

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