Here Are The 10 Most Lavish RVs That Celebrities Have


Lavish RVs are something that only super-rich people can afford. They can get any luxury in this world. Lavish RV is one of them. Money can get you any luxury you want except love. RV often abbreviated as recreation vehicle is a motor home or trailer in which you can live in and Lavish RVs are the motor home equipped with every luxury you can get on it. Here is the list of Lavish RVs that celebrities own.    

10. Jason Momoa’s Earthroamer – $750,000

Jason Momoa’s Earthroamer
via – Daily mail

Jason Momoa is known for his role in Aquaman in the DC universe, Dune, and in many other Hollywood movies. When he is not filming movies, he loves to enjoy the open in this EarthRoamer. We came to know about it from his many interviews and Instagram posts.

He has an EarthRoamer XV-LTi 026 customized into a motorhome worth $750,000. Inside it, there is a king-size bed, leather upholstery, bike rack, and other camping accessories.

9. Vin Diesel’s Tractor Trailer – $1.1 Million

Vin Diesel’s Tractor Trailer
via – Auto evolution

Vin Diesel is a great Hollywood actor known for his Fast & Furious films, Xander Cage, and many more exciting Hollywood movies. When he is not busy filming action scenes, he likes to take a rest in his luxurious Trailer worth $1.1 Million. It is made by Anderson Mobile Estates. It has two levels consisting of massive living space.

8. Will Smith’s The Heat – $2.5 Million

Will Smith’s The Heat
via – pintrest

Will Smith is well known for slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars, loving his wife unconditionally, and yeah acting in some great Hollywood movies too. He bought a massive mobile home named “The Heat” made by Anderson Mobile Estates in the early 2000s worth $2.5 million. It is a 55-foot and 22-wheeler including 2 floors with 1200 square feet of space with all the luxurious.

7. Shaquille O’Neal’s Shaq-Mobile – $550,000

Shaquille O’Neal's Shaq-Mobile
vis – vietnam times

Shaquille O’Neal is an NBA legend. He got his Shaq-Mobile as a retirement gift from Boston Celtics. It cost $550,000 to them. Shaq-Mobile is 45-foot long and with paint strips going all over the body. It gets all the necessary comfort featuring a king-sized bed, a booth dinette, sofas, and large TVs not bigger than Shaq though.

6. Simon Cowell’s “The Hollywood” – $2 Million

Simon Cowell’s “The Hollywood”
via- Autoevolution

Simon Cowell is an English TV personality born on 7 October 1959. You have seen him judging “The X Factor”, “America’s Got Talent” and “Britain Got Talent”. Finding so much talent earns him a good amount of money too. That money got him a $2 million trailer motorhome named “The Hollywood”. It is a 22-wheeler two stories and 1,200 square feet of living space.

5. Mariah Carey’s Party Pad on Wheels – $1.8 Million

Mariah Carey’s Party Pad on Wheels
via – love property

Mariah Carey is a famous American singer and songwriter. Her famous songs include “All I Want For Christmas Is You”, “Without You” and many more. When she got covid she documented herself on her cross-country trip with her luxurious motorhome made by Anderson Mobile Estate which was worth $1.8 Million. It is a 1200 square feet two-level motorhome. It doesn’t have a bedroom though.

4. Jamie Foxx’s Off Script Studio – $1 million

Jamie Foxx’s Off Script Studio
via – Autoevolution

Eric Marlon Bishop, known professionally as Jamie Foxx, is an American Actor, comedian, and singer. He showed himself in movies like “Spider-Man No Way Home”, which was an amazing movie. He bought this $1 million motorhome built by Anderson Mobile Estate, especially for doing a talk show so that celebs can sit comfortably. It has two levels, a convertible roof, a dressing room, and a recording studio.

3. Leonardo DiCaprio’s Trailer – $1.5 million

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Trailer
via – autoevolution

Leonardo DiCaprio, a living legend. Even my little sister wants to marry him. His trailer is made by King Kong Production Vehicle. He used it while filming the sci-fi movie Inception. It is 52 feet long and width measuring 16 feet. Legend’s trailer has a gold-effect exterior. The luxury motorhome includes two fireplaces, heated floors, fire TVs, an open bar, and other basic luxuries too.

2. Brad Pitt’s Trailer – $1 Million

Brad Pitt’s Trailer
via – autoevolution

Brad Pitt has a crazy collection of automobiles which includes a $400,000 German military motorcycle used during World War 2, that is a crazy item to have. His collection also includes a 48-foot-long $1 million trailer. It has a master bedroom with a queen-size bed, table, and walk-in shower. He has lived in it while doing many movies.

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1. Justin Bieber Tour Bus – $2.46 Million

Justin Bieber Tour Bus
via – pinterest

Justin Bieber is a Canadian singer. Well, now he is not a baby anymore. He has a beautiful wife and this beautiful tour bus too. he and his wife bought an ultra-luxurious bus worth  $2.46 million. It is a huge bus with an under-floor heating system and voice controls with marble floors and custom-made sofas.

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